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Article Post: Let’s Talk Vacations!

Hey Everyone, For this week’s article post I wanted to switch things up. Lately my article posts have been a little on the serious side, but with summer coming up I’m just aching for a vacation. That’s the theme for this week. What is the most memorable vacation you have gone on? Personally, I have been traveling a lot in the past year or so. Portland, Seattle, Denver, and Los Angeles. I can’t really pick one favorite, so I’ll say that Denver and Seattle were probably my favorites, though all… Read more Article Post: Let’s Talk Vacations!

What Do You Do After Publishing A Book?

You’ve published your book, had your launch party, and are on cloud nine. So what’s next? It may be fairly obvious to others, but now is the time to both keep writing as well as get the word out about your first book. I’ve made several posts with suggestions before I was published about reaching out to others to expand your reach. Things like interviews, guest spots on blogs, reaching out for reviews, all of these things are important to spread the word. If you have already reached out and… Read more What Do You Do After Publishing A Book?