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What Do You Do After Publishing A Book?

You’ve published your book, had your launch party, and are on cloud nine. So what’s next? It may be fairly obvious to others, but now is the time to both keep writing as well as get the word out about your first book. I’ve made several posts with suggestions before I was published about reaching out to others to expand your reach. Things like interviews, guest spots on blogs, reaching out for reviews, all of these things are important to spread the word. If you have already reached out and… Read more What Do You Do After Publishing A Book?

My First Book Reaper Has Been Released!

Yesterday was my first book’s release day! Man, I am just so happy! I’ve been working on my craft for 7 years. There’s been a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, but I finally have something to show for all my hard work, and I’m just getting started! Thanks to all of you for showing me love and support, and if there’s anything I can do in the future to share that love, please let me know! If you haven’t checked out my book yet, feel free to check it… Read more My First Book Reaper Has Been Released!

Recommendation Post: You (Netflix)

Hey Everyone, Happy Thursday! You’ve almost made it through the week. Give yourself a big pat on the back! For this week’s recommendation post, let’s go with another great show from Netflix. This time it’s You on Netflix. This psychological thriller is based on the book by Caroline Kepnes (, and is quite the roller coaster ride. In this series, a bookstore manager starts to follow one of his patrons, an attractive young woman who has a love for books. Things escalate quickly, but the real question is, can he… Read more Recommendation Post: You (Netflix)