About Me

I’m an author of horror, scifi, and fantasy works. I’ve been reading and writing most of my life, and I’m excited to share my stories with the world.

My blog tends to center around my writing, author and blogger interviews, and book reviews.

At this time, I’m happily accepting interview requests for indie authors and writers. 

In general I’m an open book, but in case you are curious, here are a few quirks of mine.

  • My two loves are finance and writing.
  • I adore cats and have a Halloween kitty named Ajax. He drives me nuts, but I love the little booger.
  • I was raised by a family of Trekkies and Whovians. It’s how I first discovered my love of science fiction and fantasy.
  • I’ve been a vocalist all my life, but specifically enjoy a few rounds of karaoke with my close friends.
  • I have a real soft spot for books and video games, even though I don’t get to indulge as often as I would like.

Still curious? Check out the rest of my site or my social media links.