Book Recommendation: Animorphs #6 – The Capture

Good Morning Everyone,
Just finished another book, and I’m glad to share my opinion with you guys. This time it’s another installment of the Animorphs series. This is Animorphs #6: The Capture. 
Now, before I go into my review I wanted to take a moment and explain why I’m reading this kid’s series, as I usually don’t do so. About a month or two ago, I saw a thread on GoodReads where people were challenged to read some of their favorite books as a kid. Some of the reviews and comments were quite inspiring, so I decided to give it a shot for multiple reasons.
Firstly, I wanted to soak in that nostalgia of the 90’s and all that it entailed. I think its really important to look back and appreciate where you came from if you get the chance, and reading this book series has allowed me to do just that.
Also, I wanted to relive this story. I remember going in to the bookstore and begging my mom and dad for the next Animorphs book every month. I was hooked, and I wanted to see if I still felt the same way after all these years.
All right, let’s get to the good stuff!
I gave four and a half Yeerk-fighting stars for this book!
In this installment of the Animorphs series, we are once again in Jake’s perspective, one of my faves. This time around, Jake is worried about his Controller brother when he learns that he is advancing in rank rather quickly with the Yeerks.
Together, the Animorphs spy on a secret meeting of the Sharing at a nearby hospital to find out what’s going on. What they learn could very well change their entire situation, and soon they find themselves on yet another dangerous mission to stop the Yeerks’ evil plans. Can they stop them in time, or will the Yeerks gain more control over the humans than the Animorphs can possibly hope to combat?
As always, I really loved this book. Jake’s perspective is pretty well-balanced. He is thoughtful, yet daring. Conscientious, but determined to destroy the Yeerks. I felt like this time we got more out of the story than usual.
Something happens to Jake (I’m trying not to spoil anything), and we get to see more in depth details with the Yeerks and how things are than we usually do. That part I really enjoyed.
That being said, I felt like the main plot kind of fell away after a certain point. The book ends with the Animorphs basically lucking out and I thought that was something of a cop-out. Also, there were some additional rational questions that could have (and should have if you ask me) been asked but weren’t that I feel would’ve shed much more light on the situation. I get this is more of a kids book, but sometimes you have to ask the big questions.
All my opinions considered, I still really enjoyed this reading experience and am still as determined as ever to finish this series. Definitely worth a read!
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