Movie Review: I Am Mother (Netflix)

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Recently I realized that some of the content I am posting doesn’t really emphasize the chills or thrills factor that I want my website to be all about, so going forward I’ll be trying to gear things in that direction in general.

That being said, today’s recommendation is nothing if not thrilling and chilling, enough to give you nightmares. Today’s post is a review of the movie “I Am Mother” on Netflix.


First things first, that cover is LIT! Look at the fear in Hilary Swank’s eyes. The creepy robot holding that baby. You already know something bad is going to happen, and in this case, it’s true! Aren’t you happy?


The movie begins showing footage of a strange underground bunker of sorts. On the screen it indicates that an extinction event has occurred, and that it is day one. The robot from the cover comes to life and picks from hundreds of embryos, placing one in a sort of incubator that starts a timer for twenty-four hours. Thus, Daughter is born (yes, it’s strange that the MC’s name is Daughter, just go with it).

The movie centers on Daughter and her growing up with a robot for a mother, who is conveniently called Mother. However, as Daughter enters her teenage years she starts to question the system in place.

Is the world really dead out there? What’s the point of her schooling if she’s stuck down here all the time? And why hasn’t Mother birthed the other embryos in stasis?

Daughter wants answers, and in time she finds herself digging further and further into the past, until one night when she can’t sleep, everything changes. Daughter approaches the airlock leading outside and knocks on the door. To her surprise, someone knocks back. They’re injured, and they need help.

Soon, Daughter finds herself with an injured woman on her hands. What should she do? How is this woman alive if the outside world is toxic? Can Daughter find the answers she seeks? Who should she trust?

I have to say, this movie was AH-MAZING!


There were chills, there were thrills, and so many other great moments packed into this film. There was the perfect amount of build up before things started picking up, so we got to understand the kind of relationship that Daughter and Mother had, as well as what their boundaries were.

Also, throughout the movie when you were given bits of information, you still couldn’t quite figure out the puzzle of what the actual truth was. This kept my eyes glued to the screen for sure!

Lastly, the actresses.

Hilary Swank did a phenomenal job playing her role, and Rose Byrne was the perfect clinical yet creepy voice for Mother. Clara Rugaard was a perfect fit for Daughter as well, and I think she’s got a bright future ahead of her.

Ultimately, this movie had it all. The chills to make you quiver, the thrills to keep your heart pounding, and a level of execution that so few movies seem to have these days. This is probably my favorite scifi movie of the year so far, and it’s going to be a hard one to beat. Definitely worth a watch!

If you’re interested in this movie, feel free to check it out on Netflix.

Happy Watching!


    • Thanks, I really thought it broke the mold and was a great, original movie.

      Yes, you have! I saw your review on GoodReads. Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the chills and thrills. I’m current writing the sequel!

      • Yeah, I saw that. Super creative! Oh okay, well thank you for joining the tour, and I definitely plan on switching up the game in my sequel. You guys have no idea, muahahaha!

      • Well I’m glad you’re willing to give reading horror a chance for sure! I’m totally obsessed with horror, have been for quite a while. Thanks!

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