Series Review: Stranger Things, Season 2 (Netflix)

Good Afternoon residents of Hawkins Indiana,

It’s time for a good old fashioned rewatch! This time around, it’s the second season of Stranger Things.


As pretty much everyone knows, Season 3 of Stranger Things comes out on July 4th, and I am beyond psyched. I couldn’t wait, so to get back into the universe of Stranger Things, I’ve been rewatching the last season since last weekend.

Man oh man am I glad I did! I mean, wow!


From the end of the first season, things pick up a year later. Will and the gang have moved on without Eleven in their lives, and the city of Hawkins Indiana has once again become the quiet little town where nothing ever happens.

But when Will starts having strange visions, and odd happenings start occurring around town, it seems like their worries as far from over. Can our motley crew of characters figure out what’s going on before its too late, or will they have another disaster of epic proportions on their hands?

I really loved this season. Maybe not quite as much as the first, but this was my second or third rewatch of the season (in contrast to my maybe five or six rewatches of the first season). Yes, I’m crazy obsessed with this show. So what?

so what

Anyways, there were a couple great elements in this show’s second season that I really loved, and pretty much guaranteed more seasons to come.


Let’s start with Eleven.


Her story arc was great in my opinion. For a start, we get to know more about her past in this season. That’s right, we actually get some answers! How crazy is that? Her character is very well fleshed out at this point, and she attains inner strength because of it. Eleven is given the very gift that was taken away from her. Knowing who she is and where she came from.

Also, we are given more stunning revelations, the biggest (for me) being that there are others out there like Eleven. Through her research, Eleven locates Eight. They bond pretty quickly, and though their time together is relatively short, I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of the other children that were experimented on or Eight either.

I did some research, and there is a theory out there that Brenner is alive and that he may be gathering his experimental subjects for some kind of evil goal. It sounds amazing to me, and I’m secretly gunning for this to happen in a future season.

The Upside Down

Next, let’s talk about the Upside Down. In the first season, we encountered a Demigorgon, a beast of the Upside Down that is kidnapping and killing people. But in this season, it’s quickly revealed that Demigorgons aren’t the only creatures that inhabit this strange dimension, nor are they are the strongest by a long shot.


See this mammoth of a beast? Yeah, a Demigorgon isn’t going to put a dent in that thing.

The head beast in this season was terrifying in its own way. Unlike the Demigorgon, it doesn’t go out and do the killing itself. Oh no, it’s far too smart for that. Instead of takes over minds to get what it needs.

After watching this season, its obvious that the creatures from the dimension of the Upside Down are far from done with the residents of Hawkins Indiana. What other evils might be lurking just around the corner?

All things considered, Stranger Things season two was a huge success. Not only did it deliver chills and thrills in overwhelming amounts, but we are blessed with another great season in just two days. Move over fireworks, Stranger Things cometh!

What about you?

That’s it for this recommendation post. How about you? Have you seen Stranger Things season 2? Want to gush about it? Do you have any other great recommendations for similar shows, movies, or books? Feel free to share in the comments!

Happy Watching everyone!



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