Diary of a Wannabe Writer’s Review of Reaper

Hi Everyone,

Just stopping by to share another review of my debut novella Reaper.


I reached out to Diary of a Wannabe Writer a while back, and she agreed to review my novella in return for an honest opinion. She contacted me today to let me know she had posted on her blog about my book.

You can find her review here.

Its always great when someone enjoys your writing and the stories you create!

If you are interested in checking out my book, check out the links below for a free preview. Also, there is currently a book tour planned for the last week of August with R&R Book Tours. You’ll get a free copy of my book in return for a review and blog post of your honest opinion.



Barnes & Noble

Have a great day everyone, and thanks Anie!


    • I actually decided upon the cover myself, as this book is self-published. There is a particular scene in the book that I felt really hits the mark in the horror department. I based the cover on said scene. Glad you like it!

      • Like it ! Not only me but I’m sure others too because a face without a name or a name without a face makes a pitch –
        ‘Someone or something is coming. Knock. Knock. “Screeeeeech,” slowly was opening the door and suddenly a gust of wind banged it wide open. “No-ooo,” a long cry in chorus filled the hall.’

      • Right, exactly! I didn’t want to give anything away but wanted to hint at something dark, dangerous, and evil at the same time.

        I already know what my next cover is going to be like and I’m super excited!

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