Jaunts & Haunts presents Festival of Frights: A Very Extended Halloween

Hello Fellow Bookworms,

Can you believe that August is nearly over? This year is seriously flying by.

You know what that means. Fall is coming!


In the spirit of this upcoming season, my personal favorite, I’ve been giving Halloween a lot of thought for this year and have decided to do things a little bit different.

Halloween has always been my favorite time of year. The leaves change colors, its get a little colder (I hate the heat!), and even the earth smells different.

I like to take more time this season to walk around and soak it all up. It’s definitely a time of year that is simply magical to me, and always will be.

So starting September 15th (ending November 15th), I will begin what I am calling my Festival of Frights.

Festival of Frights1

Halloween is great, so why just celebrate for one month when you can celebrate for two?

Just so you know things won’t be changing completely for Jaunts & Haunts (not trying to reinvent the wheel here, people), but the focus will be on the spooky, on the horror and occult.

Below are a few things you can look forward to seeing in my Festival of Frights

  • Focusing more on creepy reads, at least 75% of what I read.
  • Music to live and die for (great music from my personal Halloween playlist, and nothing cheesy!)
  • Themed Posts, primarily around Halloween and its creepy vibes.

That’s it. See, nothing too drastic, but I want to pay homage to this time of year and the curiosities it sparks within my mind and hopefully yours too!

So what do you think? Is Halloween worth blogging about? Are you excited for Halloween this year? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, I’d love to talk all things Halloween!


    • Aww, thanks, I think so too! I’m definitely excited about posting more and being in my natural element. Pool time is great and all, but I’ve been burnt out on it for a while now.

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