To Dress Up Or Not To Dress Up, That Is The Question

Good Morning Halloween Fans,

Today’s post is another great conversation starter.

This time around, the question is simple, yet one that’s been hotly debated among adults for decades.

The question is, do you dress up for Halloween every year? Why or why not?

There are many arguments for each side, but personally I enjoy dressing up every year.

Halloween is great in the fact that you can be whoever you want for a day (or several weekends depending on how many parties you go to).

If you’re down in the dumps and it happens to be Halloween time, being someone else for a while can be empowering.

It’s also a great way to show off your creativity.

So what’s your choice? Feel free to share in the comments, and have a great day!

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    • Oh, but that’s great! You still get into the spirit of things, even if its on a lesser level.

      I never stick around for trick-or-treaters and usually have a bunch of house parties to go to or plan nights on the town.

      But then again, I live for this time of year and am definitely one of those people, haha!

      There’s a new temporary bar opening for Halloween near me, and I’m stoked to go and see what its all about.

  1. I try to. My son has autism and doesn’t like dressing up or trick or treating and my eldest son thinks he’s too old for costumes, so someone’s got to! Like Priscilla I dont want to scare little ones at the door. This year I’ve just got a pumpkin dress but previous years I’ve gone all out.

    • Awesome!

      Yeah, everyone’s got a preference, so I don’t really judge, it’s more curiosity than anything else.

      I don’t really do scary costumes at all. I usually do something that I think is cool or looks really appealing. Color me an attention whore lol!

      Ooo, pumpkin dress, nice! This year I’m buying a Robin (as in Batman) costume, though I tend to prefer putting something together myself.

      Last year I genderbended Harley Quinn and It. Was. Amazing!

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