Local Jaunts & Haunts: The Belvoir Winery

Good Morning Ghouls, Girls, and Gents,

For the last week of my Festival of Frights segment, I wanted to do something a little special and share a little bit of haunted Missouri with you.

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting The Belvoir Winery, my favorite local haunt located in Liberty, Missouri.

The main renovated building of The Belvoir Winery

I’ve been to this location somewhere between 5-10 times in total, and I always enjoy my experiences there as well as the ambience.

So what’s The Belvoir Winery you say? Well, I’m glad you asked!

A Brief Belvoir Winery History

Long before the property was bought and rebranded as The Belvoir Winery, this location was formerly known as The Odd Fellows Home.

This location in Clay County Missouri started out as an orphanage nearly a century ago, later becoming a sanitarium of sorts for the sick and elderly. This location boasts of over 1,000 deaths in total on the premises, and should you visit, you will definitely feel a heavy energy surrounding the place.

This plot of land was bought by a Dr. Bean back in the early 1990’s and reopened in 2011 as the Belvoir Winery. Since then, many have come not only to sample the great wines made here, but also to see if the rumors of this location’s haunted past are true or not. My friend Jon and I did just that.

My Experience at the Belvoir

On Sunday, I got to the Belvoir a tad early around 11am. Oddly enough, there was a church group there, which isn’t really all that surprising. Many a group gather here or all shapes and sizes, from weddings to Halloween parties to, well, church groups.

Anyways, they were cramping on my style, so I decided to go out on the side patio, which turned out to be a little cold. Luckily, Jon came up with some mimosas to get the blood a churning.

Soon after, we still had time to kill before the Belvoir started selling wine for the day, so we ventured over to the second building.

Unlike the first beautifully renovated building, the others have been left to the elements.

This was my view from the front of the second building

This may not look too derelict, but believe me, there are broken windows and glass all around this structure, not to mention the abysmal state of things inside.

Still, Jon and I didn’t enter from the front entrance (boring!). We always use the side entrance.

Charming, isn’t it?

Upon entry, we were exposed to the real state of things. The inside of this building has been left to rot for many a year, resulting in its current state.

This was the ground floor. There’s also a small basement (that is quite creepy and claustrophobic if you ask me), as well as an upper floor and attic.

Dark hallways of the forgotten past surrounded us at every turn. It’s actually quite easy to get lost on your first time if you don’t keep track of where you’re going.

Since it was just Jon and I this time (we usually have a bigger group), we didn’t investigate too thoroughly this time around, but I still enjoyed venturing around the dark hallways for a good hour.

All in all, we didn’t experience any extreme supernatural activity, but the energy within this abandoned structure was definitely very heavy and unsettling.

Back outside, I made sure to get a snapshot of the third building, which is in far worse shape than the second and can be hard to traverse, let alone find the entrance.

The third building of the Belvoir Winery

Satisfied with our brief adventure, Jon and I headed back to the winery’s renovated building for some much deserved wine!

Lately I have seriously been craving some wine, and the Belvoir has some great local wine for sale. Bottles tend to run around $20-30, so I bought my favorite kind, a semi-sweet white wine called Plumeria.


This wine’s got a great floral taste to it that always feels super refreshing. It’s become a ritual to take a bottle home with me every time I go to save for a special occasion.

After sipping on a glass of our favorite wines, Jon and I begrudgingly left the Belvoir Winery.

Leaving is always so bittersweet for me. Obviously, a lot of things went down in this place, and we’ll never truly know what. All I can do is visit every year around Halloween and hope that the spirits make contact and tell me their story. Until next time, Belvoir Winery!

***If you’d like to check out the Belvoir Winery, click here. ***

That’s a Wrap!

All right, so that was it for my local Jaunt and Haunt.

Have you ever been to this haunted location? Have you been to another haunted location and would like to share your experience?

Feel free to share in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!

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    • Thanks! Yeah, the first building is slightly haunted, but most of that energy goes to the second and third building. Personally, I think the second is the most haunted based on experience.

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