Book Review: Animorphs #24, The Suspicion

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Reading and writing are going very well on my Hermann retreat. Most of the city is pretty much down, so I’m mainly just enjoying some local cuisine, a couple sites, and many, many wineries.

I mean, can you blame me? I gotta bulk buy for boring times back home in KC!

All that being said, I finished another Animorphs book! This time around it’s #24, The Suspicion.


Once again, from the blurb below I had no recollection of reading this, so I just went for it!


The Yeerks are not the only invaders of Earth. Meet the new enemy: the Helmacrons. Cassie finds their miniature spaceship and donates it to a toy drive. Big mistake. The Helmacrons are tiny, but they’re far from helpless. They have the technology to shrink other creatures to their size. And until they get their spaceship back, they’re taking hostages. The Animorphs must find a way to send these pests back into space — before it’s too late.

The Review:



I gave this book three stars.

It really was sad to give this rating to an Animorphs book, but I did see this coming after loving the last five or six novels in the series. Lightning doesn’t always strike twice, but I definitely feel that steps could’ve been taken to make this book better.

Alright, back to the beginning.

This time around we’re in Cassie’s POV.

She is collecting things for donation on her family’s farm when she donates a ‘toy spaceship’ that actually turns out to be an actual spaceship belonging to a tiny new race called the Helmacrons. After trying to reclaim the spaceship, they discover some alarming and dangerous new things about this small enemy’s capabilities, namely that they are after the blue morphing device.

Can the Animorphs figure this situation out before things spiral out of control?

I really wanted to like this book, I did. But there were just too many things wrong with it for me to not continually ding it on the star bar.

I think one of the things that did work were our Animorphs characters. Cassie and the others stick to their usual way to reacting to things once they hit the fan, and we are along for the ride.

That being said, the new characters introduced called the Helmacrons are awful. No really, I didn’t like them one bit. Throughout the book they continually shout how amazingly powerful they are to anyone in sight, demanding with great pep that this planet and every other is their slave.

I think that Applegate was going for humor when she thought up this idea, but to be honest it felt really tacky and lackluster. Something about these characters didn’t really fit the whole Animorphs theme for me.

Plot was also a pretty big issue. This time around we got basically zero buildup before things go crazy. Even once we’re in the crazy stage of the plot, things just felt scattered and random for me. Some of the explanations physics wise felt like they were reaching quite a bit. Why couldn’t they have just left that out? It just got really confusing.

I will say that as always, this book is very readable, and for that it can have three stars, but I just wasn’t as entertained as I usually was. It was really disappointing.

If you’re looking to continue the Animorphs series, you may want to skip this one.

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  1. I wondered if this was one of the ghost written books after reading your review, but apparently the next book is the first. Perhaps they moved to the ghost writer model after this book because the author was struggling with the pressure. The little alien concept can be done well, but rarely is.

      • Most of the books going forward are ghost written. I wonder will you notice a big change. It’s a shame this book was disappointing, but the last few books were all super, so it was bound to happen.

      • Not sure if you’re getting my responses or not. My phone’s weird out here in the boonies, totally unreliable. Thank god I brought my laptop.

        But I agree in that I have been picking up on things like in #25 Marco is almost all there, but slightly different.

        I bet they get better as I go.

      • Yes, I’m getting them! 😊
        I’m very interested in differences in the ghost written books. I know they worked hard on keeping them consistent, but they have to be different. The next book is written by KA and then there’s only one more written by her before #52. The rest are written by lots of different people. Looking forward to reading your reviews and seeing if the different authors become more apparent or even better!

      • Oh okay, phew! Just making sure. My phone is super weird out here. Hate it.

        Yeah, I did some research and the ghostwriters were essentially given a very detailed plotline to follow and then they gave it back to Applegate (and later an additional editor) to look over and correct. Then, BAM, published.

        Yeah, there were 4-5 different people listed as the ghostwriters.

        I hope they don’t mess this up! I’ll be super pissed.

      • LMAO yes, we shall riot! Take to the interwebs and let it be known! I totally wish I could emulate Ax right now with something bizarre but I’m drinking lol.

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