Short Story Review: Space Walk

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I’m apparently on a roll this week with reads. This time around I am reviewing Space Wak by Tammie Painter.


Tammie and I have been friends on WordPress for a while, and recently I’ve asked her to do an interview with me, so you can look forward to that in the near future.

In the meantime, I noticed that she had a promo where some of her short stories were free (no longer going, sorry!). You know I love me some short stories, so I jumped at the opportunity!


Maya has convinced her husband Joel to forego their usual holiday to take her own idea of a trip of a lifetime. The company SpaceWalk promises adventure, unparalleled views, and, for those who purchase the Enhanced Package, a chance to take part in an actual space walk.

Eager to experience the final frontier, Maya spends all of her and Joel’s savings on the enhanced package. But when she ventures outside the ship for her first walk, Maya soon discovers she’s not alone. Not in the depths of space, nor within her spacesuit.

What starts out a dream vacation quickly turns dangerous, not only for the passengers and crew, but, thanks to corruption from within SpaceWalk, for all of humanity.


The Review



I gave this short story five stellar stars!

This is my first read by Tammie Painter, and I was really swept away by how great this was.

In a nutshell, a bickering couple takes a vacation up in space and gets more than they bargained for.

This was a great story through and through.

The main character was great. She and her husband really had some issues, and the portrayal felt authentic. The other characters we interact with also felt genuine and well thought out.

The plot was simple but effective. They are in space, but they aren’t alone. The repercussions of this little vacation may just affect the whole of humanity, and it was believable.

What really sold me on this story were the elements of space, horror, and mystery. I love a good chill and thrill, and this had both in just a short time.

The writing was simple, seamless, and well-executed. No purple prose here! I blitzed through those pages like nobody’s business.

All in all, this was the perfect light read for me, and I’m definitely going to check out more of Painter’s work in the near future!

Definitely worth a read!


That’s A Wrap!

Well that’s it for this short story review. I hope you enjoyed it!

Have you read this story? Are there other short stories you’ve read that you simply have to gush about? Feel free to leave a comment. I’d love to start a conversation!

Have a great day!


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    • I know, isn’t it exciting? I dont think I would like to go to space until everybody had already gone and technology was perfected.

      Yeah, very creepy!

  1. I have had the pleasure to read several of Painter’s works, quite pleased with them. The short stories get you into the read, then I find it hard to set aside. I am looking forward to more works by Painter..
    Just signed up to follow your blog as it seems light and straight to the point .

    • Oh cool! It’s funny you mention her work because I just finished another of her short stories on my lunch break. Feel about the same as I did the first one and really enjoyed it.

      Thank you! I try to keep things light and fun. 🙂

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