Book Review: Animorphs #33, The Illusion

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I’ve been a tad busy trying to buy the rest of the things I need for my apartment to get everything looking nice. I’ve gotta say, the supply chain is so broken in the states! But I did some online shopping, so I’m glad for it to be over.

Anyways, I finished a book today! This time around I read Animorphs #33, The Illusion by KA Applegate.


I vaguely recalled the plot from this book, but other than that I couldn’t remember much, so I just took a leap of faith!


The Yeerks possess a weapon that could be the biggest threat to the Animorphs yet. The anti-morphing ray transforms a person in morph back to natural form. Unless they find and destroy the top-secret ray, the Animorphs could be exposed for good.


The Review:



I gave this novel four stars!

Following up from the last installment, the Yeerks are continuing to ramp up their preparation of the anti-morphing ray, a serious threat to the Animorphs. With a large gathering of the Sharing looming, the Animorphs jump into action, determined to destroy the technology.
This was a fun read, and this time around we’re in Tobias’s POV.

Tobias I think is maybe the most insightful and self-aware member of the Animorphs crew, and I think that really came through in this installment. Through this brief journey we get to see a bit more depth from him, and that was really enjoyable. The other characters were portrayed really well too, especially Rachel.

The plot was better executed in this novel compared to the last one where the plot seemed like an afterthought, and I really enjoyed that. Though there wasn’t a ton of action, there was enough to keep me interested, and things took an interesting turn.

I didn’t have too many issues with this book. Primarily my problem was when the action hit a climax the descriptions got a bit confusing. Other than that, I don’t have any serious reservations.

This was a solid, enjoyable read in the Animorphs universe, and I am excited to continue the journey!

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