Book Review: Eternal Myths

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I hope you’re having a great start to the weekend. True to form, I slept in a little too long, but I’m happy for the extra rest. I always seem to be running on fumes these days.

While I laid in bed simply refusing to get up, I finished another read. This time around it’s Eternal Myths by A.F. Stewart.

I bought this ebook after interviewing A.F. Stewart and giving the preview a quick look over. The writing seemed to flow so well in those few pages, and I couldn’t resist getting my hands on this!


Want to know a secret?
Camelot existed, but it never died.

Nimue, Merlin’s ex-everything, is just an immortal witch trying to get by in this modern world. Too bad the past won’t stay where it belongs. Buried.

For the first time, read both of the Camelot Immortals short stories Legendary Debts and Grail Days in one book.

Legendary Debts: Merlin’s back and up to his old tricks. But Nimue is in his way and after revenge. It’s a witch vs. wizard showdown for the fate of a new Camelot.

Grail Days: The Grail has vanished and Nimue is pulled into a magical free-for-all to reclaim the powerful relic. Will she find it in time?

Magic is forever… and invariably brings trouble.
And no matter what she does, trouble always finds Nimue.

If you like strong snarky heroines, magic, and crazy adventure, then you’ll love these tales of Nimue and her friends.


The Review:

I gave this ebook five fantastic stars!

Man oh man did I love this book!

Eternal Myths is a two-part short story collection focused on a main character Nimue and other recognizable characters from Camelot. Magic has made Nimue and others immortal, but just because life has been drab for a century or two doesn’t mean something crazy isn’t lurking around the corner!

I enjoyed everything about these stories.

The characters were great. Nimue is a no-nonsense character who is loyal to her friends but honestly wants to enjoy the rest of her immortality in peace. She’s arguably the most grown up of the characters, although I also think she projects that image of herself. Either way, it’s great, and I loved her personality and how it differed with each character based on their history. Other characters were executed well like Morgan, Merlin, and the Lady of the Lake.

The plot was intriguing for both stories and had plenty of magic and mayhem. The first was a bit shorter and was more personal for Nimue, while the second was longer and finished out what the first story started flawlessly. I loved all the little twists and turns in each story, and I was captivated the entire time.

I am so glad I gave this author’s work a chance. Her spin on mythology was mesmerizing, and her skill with the written word is amazing. Definitely give this one a shot!


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      I’m definitely going to keep up with this author and I cant wait for her future books in this world! 🙂

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