Book Review: Animorphs #51, The Absolute

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Speaking of which, I finished another read just now.

This time I read Animorphs #51, The Absolute by KA Applegate.

Originally I intended to take little breaks in between Animorphs books for other works, but with the story ramping up quite quickly I’m just gonna finish it in one go, guns a blazing. On to the review!



The Yeerks aren’t playing around anymore. They’re no longer hiding behind a silent invasion. And one of the first steps in their new plan is to take over the National Guard, to prepare for all-out war against humanity.

Marco and the other Animorphs couldn’t be less prepared for this news. The Yeerks know who they are, forcing them to hide to protect their families. Things are falling apart, and for once Jake may not be able to make the decision that will save them…


The Review:

I gave this book four and a half stars!

This time, we are in Marco’s POV. After discovering a potential Yeerk plot to infect the National Guard, the Animorphs split up into teams to address the threat. Marco’s team’s goal is to travel to the state capital and contact the governor about the Yeerk crisis, but with their lack of information can they really trust the governor isn’t already infected? Is this just an exercise in futility?

This ramp up to the end of the series has been amazing. The last two books were wonderful, and this one is no different.

Marco’s POV was great. His team is comprised of him, Ax, and Tobias, and I enjoyed the witty banter between them. Considering how dark things are getting it was nice to have a couple laughs here and there. Marco was portrayed expertly, and while he didn’t necessarily have a ton of character progression, we did get to see just how far he’s come from the beginning of this epic saga. Marco shows his intelligence, charm, and wit under chaotic circumstances, and he’s not a bad temporary leader for Ax and Tobias.

Once again, the plot totally blew me away. Every scene was action-packed, and I loved every minute of it. The stakes are high, and the Yeerk’s threat level only continues to increase. There’s a constant sense of tension that really draws the reader in. I read this in two goes and simply couldn’t put it down. Some of my favorite scenes were where they acquired the ducks and the end of the boat scene (not going to say any more than that to avoid spoilers).

One thing I would’ve liked to see reflected a bit more was the world’s view on the events that were occurring. The Yeerks aren’t really hiding anything anymore, so it’s kind of hard to believe that people would carry on with their day like nothing’s happening when there are crazy Dracon beams firing and intensified violence. Besides that, I have no complaints.

I really loved this book, and it easily made my favorites list of Animorphs books. Definitely worth a read!


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