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Today I’m stopping by with another book review. This time I read FRANK by Ece Gurler.

I received this book from my good friend Stacy for Christmas, so I’ve been itching to dig in!

I was actually supposed to read Sorcery of Thorns before this book, but my library had a delay in getting that book to me so I started this one early.

So, how did it go? Keep on reading, folks!



Have you ever dreamt of an alternate world? A world full of second chances and lost dreams, found again. Just like the one Frank has stumbled upon.

Frank, an eleven-year-old science nerd, fashions a hiding place in his closet with his favorite things. He calls it the “Aurora Shell”, where he retreats whenever he feels upset or scared. The day he learns that he was adopted, he discovers an empty space behind his Big Bang Theory poster, in the Aurora Shell. He decides to crawl in and find out what awaits him at the end of this dark tunnel. There, he meets an incredibly cheerful kid, Andy, who becomes his first true friend. Soon after they realize that this is not just a simple passage, but it is a bridge that connects two parallel universes! Frustrated that he was unwanted by his biological parents in his own world, Frank decides to take his chance in this new universe to gain acceptance. Maybe this time his parents would welcome him and love him? Grabbing their backpacks, the two friends set out on a quest to find Frank’s birth parents in Andy’s universe. In the beginning of their journey, everything looks brand new and astonishing to Frank. But this adventure will hold dangers they never could have imagined. Will they be able to survive the grave challenges and find Frank’s family in the end? Was their secret going to cause them trouble?



The Review:

I gave this book three and a half stars!

We follow the life of Frank, a smart twelve-year old who loves science and everything fantastical. Around Christmas time, Frank notices his parents acting differently, and when he overhears something very upsetting, he retreats to his sacred space he calls the Aurora Shell. Soon after, Frank discovers a strange tunnel through his closet leading to another universe and goes on a journey that will forever change his life.

This book was a lot of fun!

I received this book as a gift from my friend Stacy for Christmas and had to give it a try! I’ve been reading more YA and adult books lately, and I’ve missed middle grade so this was the perfect pick for me.

Frank was a cool main character. He’s something of a bookworm for anything science, and it’s very clear he’s intelligent with a bright future ahead of him. I liked the little facts sprinkled in that he provided and think that’s a great touch for a younger audience. Frank also cares about others and has his own difficulties making friends, so he felt very real to me.

Andy was also portrayed pretty well. Andy is the yin to Frank’s yang. He’s not great at math or science, but he’s excited about things he doesn’t understand and he and Frank are great friends to each other.

The plot was very entertaining, perfect for middle grade. After Frank discovers the other universe, his journey was captivating, and I blazed through this book in just a day. I loved how easy this was to read! I’m addicted to anything about parallel universes, and I was hooked on all the little details that the author included in this book. What  a strange, yet similar world!

There were some small things that detracted from my experience. Some of the dialogue read a little strangely, and I spotted enough typos to mention it here, though it didn’t really bug me all that much. I also felt that the structure of the writing could have been a smidgen stronger, but this book has a ton of redeeming qualities, especially for a younger reader.

If you’re looking for a fun middle grade adventure, definitely give this a shot!


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