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Today I’m going over my experience with Travis Liebert’s Things Undone, a collection of horror stories.

I’ve been a HUGE fan of Liebert since first reading his story The Reality Contagion (my review here). I went on to read his Anomaly Archives (my review here) and Things Unknown (my review here). Each one I’ve loved, and they all sit lovingly on my bookshelves at home.

I’ve even interviewed Travis and got to pick his brain on his creative process (you can check that out here), so you can probably imagine my excitement when I got this book in the mail.

I have high expectations of Liebert, so let’s see how this book shaped up to his other ones!



Lovecraft meets modern horror as the world comes undone. All things unknown and unknowable are coming to light…

Strange creatures wander the dark canopies of Germany’s Black Forest.

A young boy harbors something both dark and divine within him.

A man learns to control his dreams, only to find an ancient evil imprisoned within them.

Something lurks in the shadows of a woman’s house, and it wants her baby.

All of these things and more in this riveting new collection of 18 terrifying cosmic and paranormal tales. Get it now and discover the terrors that lurk within.



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The Review:

Travis Liebert is a rising star in the horror genre. I’ve come to expect a lot out of his stories, and this collection (like his others) did not disappoint!

As usual, I’m summing up each story with a brief sentence or two with an individual rating. I will say, I prefer his longer short stories to the short ones, but all were riveting and well worth a read.

Prisoner Zero – After being sentenced to life in prison for murdering 23 individuals, a prisoner affects his fellow inmates and prison guards in dark, bizarre ways. 4.5/5

The Little God – An older brother is dared by two friends to investigate an old witch house in his neighborhood and discovers a great and terrible evil. 4.5/5

Bones – A respected archaeologist receives a strange package that affects him in strange ways. 4.5/5

Beyond the Mask – A being that exists on the fringes of reality develops an unlikely bond with a boy. 5/5

Sins of the Father – A therapist sees a new patient and gets more than he bargained for. 4/5

Art Becomes Him – A struggling artist gets inspiration from a dark, unknown presence. 5/5

Home Sweet Home – A pregnant woman moves into an old house and soon realizes something is terribly wrong with it. 4.5/5

The Confession – In a church, a young woman confesses to her sins and is confronted by the god she worships. 4/5

The Grove – A married couple travels off the beaten path to a thickly wooded forest, where something dark and unknowable prowls. 5/5

The Mimic – Two friends explore an old cave system and discover something that changes their lives forever. 4.5/5

The Dark Web – After being banned from playing video games, a young boy is approaching by the image of a jester on his computer on a strange website. He does as the jester instructs to get what he wants with terrifying consequences. 5/5

Ghost Town – Two friends on a road trip come across a bizarre town that shouldn’t exist. 4/5

The Terrors of Doctor Marrow – On the night of The Giving, Dr. Marrow chooses a young child to help him complete his secret project. 4.5/5

The Labyrinth – Chasing an opportunity to make a large sum of cash for him and his wife, a man logs protected land in Alaska and discovers an underground labyrinth. 4/5

The Greatest Conqueror – A congregation mourns the loss of someone dear to them. 4/5

The Reality Contagion – A son moves away from his mother and her crazy occult conspiracies. She contacts him years later, triggering a dark set of events. 4/5

The Oak – A young boy is buried in a cemetery in a burial pod underneath a tree with odd consequences. 4/5

The Gray King – A lucid dreamer encounters a dark being in his dreams. 5/5

A Correspondence – Two Doctors discuss the decaying nature of their world and startling truths. 4/5

Can’t wait to read more of Liebert’s work!


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    • Yeah, Liebert has a strong handle on his writing and it’s very evident reading through his works. While there were some stories that I felt were a bit short for my liking they all were written very well. 🙂

      he came out with a haunted house book earlier this year. Other than that I’ve read pretty much everything hes come out with. I’m hooked!

  1. No wonder you recommend this, it sounds twisted! I don’t know how soon it will be but.. I’m definitely going to have to read this sometime.
    Fantastic review and Thanks! 😉

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