Graphic Novel Review: Nightwing, Vol. 1: Leaping into the Light (Nightwing (2016) #12)

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I just finished reading Nightwing, Vol. 1: Leaping into the Light by Tom Taylor.

At the time I borrowed this through my library, I wasn’t ready to continue with my TBR catchup. That’s when two more titles rolled in along with this (this always happens!), so here I am.

I’ve never been much of a DC guy since I grew up reading Marvel comics, but I saw my friend Anne’s review on GoodReads and had to give it a try. She never holds back with her reviews and I’ve come to trust nearly all of her recommendations (Follow her on GoodReads here!).

Now, from the title and numbering I made a huge misstep. Although this is ‘volume one’, it is actually the 12th installment in graphic novels for the Nightwing series (talk about a headache of a numbering system!). I realized this halfway and honestly couldn’t tell.

So, how was the read? Keep on reading, folks!



The New York Times bestselling Injustice team of Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo take on Nightwing!

Nightwing is back—and his drive to keep Blüdhaven safe has never been stronger! But his adoptive city has elected a new mayor with the last name Zucco. When Nightwing enlists Batgirl’s help in investigating the politician bearing the same name as the man who murdered his parents, she unearths details that will shock and fundamentally change the hero.

Dick Grayson’s big heart has protected those persecuted by bullies in his youth, combated evil alongside Batman as Robin, and pledged his newly inherited wealth to enriching Blüdhaven as Nightwing. His kindness and generosity have always guided his life. But now a new villain stalks the back alleys, removing the hearts of the city’s most vulnerable. Who is this terrifying new menace named Heartless, and will he be able to resist plucking out the biggest heart in all of Blüdhaven?

Collected in this Infinite Frontier Nightwing evolution are issues #78-83.



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The Review

I loved this graphic novel!

I misunderstood the number order of this series and started with this one, but this was quite the superhero thrill ride!

In a nutshell, Nightwing protects the city of Blüdhaven, where organized crime is the norm and citizens constantly fear for their lives. In this novel, crime lord Blockbuster and a bizarre enemy called Heartless wreak havoc on the city. It’s up to Nightwing and his allies to figure out how to make the city a better place for everyone, no matter the cost.

Dick Grayson (Nightwing) is a great MC. He’s a man of action and spends little time mulling over things, which I like. He can sometimes jump the gun, but it’s a realistic character flaw that also moves the story forward in a great way. I loved the character Babs and the romantic awkwardness between them. It really filled in those slower moments spectacularly.

The plot was really great and easy to follow. There’s some shady business going on involving Blockbuster, Heartless, and other individuals, and Nightwing’s going to get to the bottom of it. I liked all the action scenes, and there was an element of mystery throughout that kept me blazing through those pages without getting confused. I honestly have no issues with this book, so I’m excited to continue from the proper beginning and see what I think.

Even if you mess up on the chronological order of this series like I did, this is a stellar superhero read and well worth a try. Happy reading!


That’s A Wrap!

Well that’s it for this graphic novel review. I hope you enjoyed it!

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