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How are you doing? I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I had family that was sick, so it was an isolated event this year, but I have big hopes for Christmas and already have my tree up. So excited!

Alright, so I just finished another book. This time I read In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner.

I’ve always been a HUGE Toni Collette fan (I’ve watched pretty much every movie she’s been in), so I loved the movie and was aware this was a book but never had time to give it a chance. Lucky for me, my grad school class has me broadening my reading horizons, so I was happy to give this a go.

What did I think about this read? Keep on scrolling to find out!



From Jennifer Weiner comes a story of two sisters with nothing in common but a love for shoes learn they are more alike than they thought possible.

Meet Rose Feller, a thirty-year-old high-powered attorney with a secret passion for romance novels. She has an exercise regime she’s going to start next week, and she dreams of a man who will slide off her glasses, gaze into her eyes, and tell her she’s beautiful. She also dreams of getting her fantastically screwed-up, semi-employed little sister to straighten up and fly right.

Meet Rose’s sister, Maggie. Twenty-eight years old and drop-dead gorgeous. Although her big-screen stardom hasn’t progressed past her left hip’s appearance in a Will Smith video, Maggie dreams of fame and fortune — and of getting her big sister on a skin-care regimen.

These two women, who claim to have nothing in common but a childhood tragedy, DNA, and the same size feet, are about to learn that they’re more alike than they’d ever imagined. Along the way, they’ll encounter a diverse cast of characters — from a stepmother who’s into recreational Botox to a disdainful pug with no name. They’ll borrow shoes and clothes and boyfriends, and eventually make peace with their most intimate enemies — each other.



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The Review

I had high hopes for this read, and I’m happy to say that I wasn’t disappointed.

This chick lit novel focuses on two sisters, Maggie and Rose Feller. Having grown up without a true mother figure, they’ve become wildly different individuals. Rose is an attorney while Maggie lives life by the seat of her pants, taking advantage of others to get what she wants. But when Rose takes pity on Maggie after some unfortunate events, things spiral out of control and a great rift arises between the two of them. Can the two sisters make amends, or will their family be forever broken?

Everything really worked for me with this novel.

The characters knocked it out of the park. Both Maggie and Rose were intriguing unique individuals with depth, and I enjoyed following their journey. Rose is the more stable of the two, and being a Taurus I rooted more for her. There were also some parallels between her life and mine that made it a bit personal for me, so I was invested. Maggie is wild and seemingly untamable, definitely someone you can understand if you’ve made it through your terrible twenties.

The stepmonster Sydelle was awful, and I loved the sisters’ grandmother Ella and the supportive role she played.

The plot was closely tied to the film adaptation, and I enjoyed that, finding myself comparing the two every step of the way. Maggie’s journey was quite a bit different and that kept me on my feet the whole time. There was also a lot of drama throughout that made things exciting.

The writing was excellently done and very easy to read, and I truly had a great time with this read. If you’ve ever had some family drama, I think you can definitely enjoy this book. Give it a try!


That’s A Wrap!

Well that’s it for this book review. I hope you enjoyed it!

Have you read this book? Are there other similar books you’ve read that you simply have to gush about? Feel free to leave a comment. I’d love to start a conversation!

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