Library Title Picks – March 2023

Hello all you voracious readers!

Man, I’m cutting it close this month, but I’m back with some more great library book picks! Each month my library let’s me pick our three books to buy physical copies of. How sweet of them!

This month I wanted to switch things up from horror, so I went with middle grade (MG) or young adult (YA) reads with a fantasy element. Below are my chosen picks for March 2023. Please take a moment to look over the listings, consider requesting copies at your own library, and if you’re feeling super generous, buy a copy!

Indie authors don’t get nearly enough press or credit for the amazing worlds they conjure up. Happy book hunting, and I’ll see you guys next month!

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March 2023 Library Title Picks

Please Return to the Lands of Luxury by Jon Tilton




An unexpected treasure. A treacherous journey. A thrilling adventure that will shape her future.

Jane lives on an island of trash. And even though she has to scavenge garbage and deal with sinister robots, she still loves her home. It’s all she’s ever experienced, from her most cherished memories to her foggy past that she can’t quite remember.

But when a doll shows up in the latest batch of garbage, everything changes. Unlike the rest of the junk, the doll is in excellent condition, including its tag which reads, “Please return to Gloria Thatcher.”

Convinced it arrived by accident, Jane vows to return the doll to its rightful owner. There’s just one problem—nobody has left the island before, thanks to the tyrannical robots guarding the Docks, a dangerous place with a mysterious history.

Will Jane find safe passage to the Lands of Luxury? Will she uncover the secrets of her past?

Embark on this thrilling adventure where Jane and her friends discover the importance of hardship and the beauty in sharing stories with life’s greatest treasure—our friends and family.

Please Return to the Lands of Luxury is the first book in this exciting series. Join Jane, Rodney, and Timothy as they explore a distant world, much unlike their own. These riveting tales are packed with an abundance of action, plenty of heart, and timeless themes.


Marco Swift and the Mirror of Souls: A Middle-Grade Fantasy Adventure by D.E. Cunningham




A magical mirror, a terrible enemy, and one boy unravelling the secret behind his legacy.

Struggling with the sudden death of his father and his mother’s downward spiral into mental illness, eleven-year-old Marco is haunted by dark forgotten memories and the fear that he’ll lose a second parent.

But when a mysterious enchantress appears with a promise to cure his mother, Marco soon finds himself dragged into a dangerous quest to retrieve a powerful weapon hidden at the heart of the magical World of Souls.

Along the way, he’ll be forced to unravel his father’s secretive past – and reconcile with the long-buried darkness lurking within his own psyche.

Racing against time to reconstruct the fabled sword of light and defeat the fiendish monsters that are plotting his downfall, Marco will need to use all of his wits to figure out how he can save the World of Souls and find a way to cure his mother.

Will Marco be able to overcome the challenges of this mystical land and bring peace to the World of Souls? Or will he fail and be left alone with nothing but sorrow and guilt?

Join the adventure now, by ordering your copy of Marco Swift and the Mirror of Souls, today!


The Hollow Boys by Douglas Smith




Vanishing street kids. An ancient evil. The end of the world.

Our only hope? A hero who can’t leave home.

At seventeen, Will Dreycott is a superhero…in his dreams. And in yours.

Eight years ago, Will’s parents, shady dealers in ancient artifacts, disappeared on a jungle expedition. Will, the sole survivor, returned home with no memory of what happened, bringing a gift…and a curse.

The gift? Will can walk in our dreams. At night in Dream, Will hunts for criminals—and his parents. During the day, his Dream Rider comic, about a superhero no one knows is real, has made Will rich.

The curse? Severe agoraphobia. Will can’t go outside. So he makes his home a skyscraper with everything he needs in life—everything but the freedom to walk the streets of his city.

Case, an orphan Will’s age, survives on those streets with her younger brother, Fader. Survives because she too has a gift. She hears voices warning her of danger. And Fader? Well, he fades.

When street kids start vanishing, the Dream Rider joins the hunt. Will’s search becomes personal when Case breaks into his tower to escape her own abduction. Fader isn’t so lucky.

As Will and Case search for Fader and the missing kids, an unlikely romance grows between the boy with everything and the girl with nothing except the freedom Will longs for.

But as they push deeper into the mystery, they confront an ancient power feeding on these forgotten kids to restore itself. And once restored, no one in the world will be safe.

To defeat this creature, Will must do the impossible.

Go outside.



That’s A Wrap!

Well that’s it for this post. I hope you enjoyed these library picks of mine!

Have you read any of these? What’s your local library like? Feel free to leave a comment. I’d love to start a conversation!

Have a great day!


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    • Right? I believe either Tammie Painter or Teri Polen recommend Doug to me, and that one’s YA so it may be more relatable than the other two since they are MG. Wait, Taylor Swift is hanging out with snakes on stage? Eek! Count me out. Me no likey reptiles!

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