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Hello denizens of the undead,

Are you ready for some more chills and thrills? I hope so, because today I’m reviewing Bloodlines by Dennis Young.

Fun fact, Dennis is a local author in KC! I met him first at Planet Comicon, then again at Crypticon. I took that as a hint from the universe to bump him up on my TBR, and I chose this specific work because I’ve had a love for vampires since reading some of The Vampire Chronicles in high school.

Alright, let’s get this review started!



Her name is Julie. She’s sixteen. She’s a vampire. Julie’s story began in 1944, the night she was made, and continued for seventy-six years. A vampire, sixteen forever. But also a hunter. A hunter of other vampires. The Hounds are her pets. Her servants. Her protectors. But the Hounds are not vampires. They’re demons. Yes, sixteen year old Julie, the vampire-hunting vampire, made a deal with the devil. And now she hunts the one who made her.



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The Review

Man, this was a super solid vampire read! I really enjoyed this one.

In this book we follow Julie, a young girl of sixteen living across the pond in 1944. When war breaks out, she nearly loses her life and is forced to make a deal with a strange man who turns out to be a vampire. Julie joins the undead, finding a new purpose under her master’s orders. As she navigates her new life, Julie embarks on an epic quest of self-discovery, growth, and valor as she fights to turn the tide of the war on her own terms.

There’s a lot to love with this book, but I think what really surprised me is how much I enjoyed the intermingling of genres. I’m not the biggest fan of historical fiction, but putting vampires in the mix made it so interesting that it was hard to put down. Since this is about vampires primarily there is plenty of horror, so expect many epic and gruesome battles.

Julie was a great main character to follow around. She’s only sixteen, so she hasn’t yet fully formed her world view. There was a ton of progression with her as she questions what she knows and the new vampire landscape before her. She also tackles a lot of moral issues and deals with some pretty frightening demons along the way.

I also enjoyed the Hounds and Nils as characters. They helped make things light in certain instances. Vincent was also a treat as her master.

As far as the plot was concerned, I really enjoyed all the sudden twists and turns. There was a lot of mystery that involved Julie and her allies trying to piece things together as events occurred, and that really drove me forward. Also, I have to point out that the beginning really drew me in, so extra kudos there.

If you’re in need of a read with a fresh take on vampires, look no further!


That’s A Wrap!

Well that’s it for this book review. I hope you enjoyed it!

Have you read this book? Are there other similar books you’ve read that you simply have to gush about? Feel free to leave a comment. I’d love to start a conversation!

Have a great day!


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  1. Sounds like a great read to go with that great cover, Jonny. I do like historical fiction, so that’s a plus for me, especially if its well researched. I haven’t read a vampire book in a long time. I just might give this one a try. 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation.

    • Right, I was super impressed! The historical facts seemed fairly accurate, though I’m not an expert. There were many French references, some of which I remembered my 3 years taking French in high school. C’est magnifique! Hope you enjoy it!

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