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I hope you’re all doing well. With summer in full swing, I’ve let time get away from me and realized that there’s not much time left before the fall semester of grad school. Talk about a wet blanket to all my bookish fun! So with that in mind, I’m hoping to blaze through a lot of books in a short time.

Today I’m sharing my review of Pursuing Amy (Replica #2) by Marilyn Kaye.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with the first book, but I was completely floored by how much I loved it (review link below if you need to catch up)! There’s something about books published in the 90’s that I just love. I blame it on nostalgia! Either way, I quickly bought the first ten books in the series, so I hope it stays awesome.

Let’s see how this installment did!


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Book Review: Amy, Number Seven (Replica #1)


Now that she’s discovered the secret about her past, Amy Candler is trying to deal with the reality of who she is. Having an overprotective mother doesn’t help. So Amy is thrilled when her mom is swept off her feet by a handsome man. But appearances can be deceiving. Amy starts getting bad vibes about her mother’s inquisitive boyfriend. She starts fighting with Tasha, her best friend, who dismisses her worries. She starts meeting with the elusive Dr. Jaleski, who may be able to help her–but only by putting his own life in danger. She starts searching for other “perfect” girls just like her. This time it’s up to Amy to protect herself–and those she loves–before it’s too late.



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The Review

You never know how the second book of a series is going to go, but this was a great continuation and I absolutely loved it!

Now that Amy knows that she is one of a number of identical clones with abilities like hers, her world has changed. Amy knows she has to keep her true identity a secret, but with no one to talk to other than her mother, she is growing restless. Her mother begins to date a charming man, and as her reigns of control loosen up Amy is forced to take on more responsibility and both protect and control herself.

Okay, so this book had a subtler touch than the first one did, but I think it was handled expertly. We got a lot of great buildup, and I really enjoyed seeing the developments in Amy’s life, good and bad. After the halfway point, the action really amps up and kept me blazing through the pages.

Amy is going through a lot in this installment, and I really sympathized with her. Not only is she dealing with puberty and her true identity, but her relationship with her bestie Tasha is getting tumultuous. Amy is really wrestling with some demons here, but she showed a lot of character and tenacity. This is a protagonist youngsters can really look up to!

Eric (Tasha’s brother) played a more central role in this book, and I’m not mad about it. Hopefully he’ll get more page time going forward.

Like the first book, I did feel that some of the hints given throughout were a tad obvious, but Amy seems to be adjusting well and becoming more alert as she settles into her new reality so I’m not going to judge based on everything she was going through.

If you or your kiddo need a good thrilling read, this series is a ton of fun! I can’t wait to see what happens next!



That’s A Wrap!

Well that’s it for this book review. I hope you enjoyed it!

Have you read this book? Are there other similar books you’ve read that you simply have to gush about? Feel free to leave a comment. I’d love to start a conversation!

Have a great day!


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