Local Book Readings & Signed Copies Coming Your Way!

Hello hello, readers!

I’ve got some great news!

Yours truly is finally taking the plunge and getting out into the world to promote my works! For a long time I’ve been feeling a bit depressed and not confident about putting myself out there, but with my super supportive boyfriend and friends I recently hit a confidence streak that hasn’t faded.

I went to my local libraries to see what my options were and sorted out the below schedule for October.

If you’re anywhere near Kansas City, please consider swinging by. I’ll be doing some readings, signings of my Reaper books (you can preorder here, just ignore the shipping bit), and a Q&A session among other fun activities.

If you’re not near my neck of the woods , I’ve decided to permanently offer signed copies of my works (US only for now). Simply click here for the order form, or you can navigate to it at the top of my menu.

This is quite a big undertaking for me personally, but I’m really enthusiastic about making an impact in my community and yours! If things go well, I plan on continuing to show my pearly whites at my local libraries until they get tired of me, haha!

Thanks for tuning in and continuing to make my dream of being a fulfilled author a reality. Have a wonderful day!


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