Book Review: I Found Puppets Living In My Apartment Walls


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How’s your October going? Any fun reads or fall activities lately? I’ve mainly been juggling grad school with other things but had a Friday the 13th movie watchathon with some friends and some more book signings (more on that in another post). So much fun!

Anywho, I finished another read!

This time I read I Found Puppets Living In My Apartment Walls by Ben Farthing.

Okay, so let’s address the elephant in the room. This is the third puppet/doll-based spooky read in a row. And honestly, I didn’t plan things this way! Things just kind of fell where they did. That being said, with this book I don’t plan on reading any more of this specific theme for my spooky reading season.

Night of the Living Dummy was funny, and How to Sell a Haunted House was pretty terrifying, so how did this one fare? Let’s find out!



Can you tell me how to get… out alive?

★★★★★ – ” I can’t remember the last time a book scared me and made me this nervous .” Andrew Van Wey, author of Head Like a Hole

Johnny awakes. A puppet looms over his bed.

He recognizes the furry Grandpa was its puppeteer on the children’s television show R-City Street . But Grandpa went missing a year ago. He disappeared from this very apartment building, which was converted from the old R-City Street studio.

Desperate to see Grandpa again, Johnny follows the puppet inside the building’s walls, ever deeper into a puppet-infested labyrinth…

I Found Puppets Living In My Apartment Walls is a horror tale from the “darkly inventive” purveyor of uncanny places and wondrous evils, Ben Farthing.



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The Review

I had high hopes for this one, but I was really disappointed overall.

Johnny and Brittany’s grandpa has been missing, so long that he’s been declared dead. While they visit his apartment, a former TV set for their favorite children’s program R-City Street, Johnny is visited in the night by his favorite puppet Swoomie, only no one is operating him. Desperate for answers, Johnny and Brittany embark on a dark journey into the depths of the past and the strange building’s secrets.

My main issue with this book is that it’s not horror, at least not in my eyes. There was something so juvenile about the theme of this that it didn’t scare me one bit. I wanted to be freaked out or at least a little spooked but neither of those things happened.

Another thing that I think ruined it for me was that there was a big reveal super early in the novella. This didn’t allow any build up to the big bad or perceived evil. We already knew what we were dealing with from the get go, and that spoiled things for me.

The characters Johnny and Brittany were alright, but there wasn’t a lot to them. Johnny seemed so fixated on his grandpa and his earlier childhood that I think it would’ve been better if the two of them were cast as high schoolers instead of adults. They just didn’t feel very grown up to me.

Given my other issues with this novella, the plot felt really bland. There was some mystery in there and light thrills, but nothing truly engaged me. This felt more dark fantasy than anything else. Overall, I can’t recommend this one if you’re looking for some serious chills and thrills this Halloween.


That’s A Wrap!

Well that’s it for this book review. I hope you enjoyed it!

Have you read this book? Are there other similar books you’ve read that you simply have to gush about? Feel free to leave a comment. I’d love to start a conversation!

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