Weekly Progress Update Time!

Good Morning Everyone,

Once a week I make a post on my writing progress as well as other interesting tidbits about my life. So guess what time it is? Weekly Progress Update time!

This week has been crazy. I mean, totally nuts! Works is crazy with year-end at the legal firm I work with, and with my first book’s release just five days away, there’s been something of a scrambling effect.

On one end, I’ve been trying to finish out my website on WordPress. There’s still a delay in my domain being released back to me from Weebly. Per my research, once a domain is returned, it can take up to 45 days. I’m right at that 45 day mark and am still not seeing it. So for the time being, I’ll just have to be patient and wait.

On the writing side, I haven’t made too much progress with everything going on. I did start from the beginning again to reinforce what I already have plotted out, and I decided that I should actually try to write the first act of this. I’ve got maybe five good chapters ready to be written, and I think that by writing it it’ll help me figure out where to go from there.

How about you guys? How are your writing projects and life goals going? Feel free to share below!

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