Positivity For Those Who Have and Haven’t Written A Book

You’ve worked hard for months, maybe even years. You’ve put a ton of blood, sweat, and tears into this project, and now you wrote those final sweet words. The end. You want to laugh, to cry, to jump up and down or run a marathon. You did it, but do you realize how lucky and special you are?

This week’s article post is all about the celebration of those who have written a book and positivity for those who haven’t yet. Everyone knows that most writers don’t actually finish a book, so how many of us do? According to my research online at least 80% of people think that they have a book in them, but only a tiny 3-5% (don’t quote me on the statistics as they are a bit dated- 2017) actually finish a book.

Why, you ask? Well if you’re a writer, then you probably understand. Concept, plotting, character development, the list can and will go on. But today let’s celebrate each other and share our successes!

In the comments below, give a shout out to a fellow writer or author you know that you are proud of. If you’re fellow writer hasn’t written a book, still lay on that positivity in the comments!

I’ll start. I’m so proud to know so many rising authors today. Emerald, Victoria, Randall, Marvin, you guys are seriously the best to work with and so supportive. You are unicorns and I wish you the absolute best in your writing travels! Couldn’t be happier to have great friends like you.

All right, everyone. Let’s see that positivity!



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