Weekly Progress Update!

Hi Everybody,

It’s that time again for a weekly progress update, and this one’s really special to me. I am just so overcome with positivity that I have to share.

I had something of a life event this week. I released my first book Reaper, and it went really well! I sent out books to some of my friends from out of town, and can’t wait to see how my friends feel!

I also had a book launch party locally in Kansas City with a great turnout. Everyone was so supportive, and I am just so grateful that I am blessed to have such caring people in my life.

I’ll post up some pictures from the event, but the real take away is this.

If you’re a writer or author, you really can achieve your dreams. If you set your mind to it, you can create interesting characters, mesmerizing worlds, and people will love your stories. You can do it, and situate yourself around other positive people to lift you up and help you realize your potential.

Thanks so much everyone, and have a great Easter Sunday!

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