Article Post: Let’s Talk Vacations!

Hey Everyone,
For this week’s article post I wanted to switch things up. Lately my article posts have been a little on the serious side, but with summer coming up I’m just aching for a vacation. That’s the theme for this week.
What is the most memorable vacation you have gone on? Personally, I have been traveling a lot in the past year or so. Portland, Seattle, Denver, and Los Angeles. I can’t really pick one favorite, so I’ll say that Denver and Seattle were probably my favorites, though all were fun.
Still, I have to say my most memorable vacation was when I went to Knoxville and the Great Smoky Mountain area. I did some research while there on a prequel for my unpublished series The Gifted Chronicles, and I loved exploring a new place I’d never been to. Tennessee is one of those special places where nature has seemed to claim dominance over the entire state. Such a beautiful place!
That being said, lately I’ve been yearning for something different, something exotic or magical (my mind keeps screaming HAWAII at me). So here’s my second question. When you think of vacation spots, which seems the most magical or otherworldy to you? Have you been there? I’m posting a link below for inspiration if you can’t think of an exotic destination.
Alright, so that’s it for this week. I’m just dying to hear what you have to say! Please share below in the comments if you get a moment.
Have a great day everyone!

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