Weekly Progress Update!

Good Morning Everyone,
Weekly progress update time!
The past week has been nuts. There’s a lot going on, so I’ll try to keep things short and sweet.
For starters, I’m currently writing the sequel to Reaper and am in the middle of chapter two. I have almost 5k words already, so it’s definitely going to be a lot longer than the first book. I really want to flesh things out more this time. That being said, once I finish with chapter two I’ll be going back to the beginning to ensure that Gregory’s emotional standing through what is happening is spot on and easy to follow. First drafts are so darn tricky!
On my personal website, I finally sorted out the domain mess between Weebly and WordPress. My site jonathanpongratz.com will be available on 4/30/19 forward. The website is already up and I’ve been posting on it, but the url isn’t correct just yet.
I had a second book release party and had a lot of fun with more of my close friends. It was a great experience!
I also received notifications from a lot of my friends that they received my copy of Reaper. So happy! Here’s a few pics of my friends with their copy of the book. Don’t forget to review guys!
Lastly, I’m moving in about a month, so things may get a little chaotic for a minute or two depending on how much I can get done this weekend.
Phew! So that was my week. How about yours? Anything interesting to note? Feel free to share below. Thanks everyone!

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