Weekly Progress Update!

Hey Everybody,

It’s time for a weekly recap again! Alright, so this week there has been a lot going on with me.

Personally, work has slowed down a bit thanks to year end being over. That means more personal time for me, hooray!


That being said, I’m still in the middle of a move, so that’s still something to deal with.

On the writing side, I have continued writing my sequel to Reaper and am currently writing the third chapter. I’m liking it pretty well so far, and I’m hopeful I can knock out the next four or five chapters in the next month or two to where I left off on plotting. So far, I’ve plotted out about a third of the book, but I decided to start writing so I didn’t overly plot the book and burn out.

On the social media side, things are going pretty well too. I’ve been working on my website a bit, but there are a lot of changes that I want to make across the board.


Going forward, I want my article posts and recommendation posts to be more sporadic. More specifically, when I’m either inspired by an article or I just finish a book or movie. Sunday update posts will remain the same.

Also, while what I have on my website currently is fine and dandy, I really want to have a more personable approach to the whole thing, so I’m going to be making miscellaneous changes. I’ve been looking at some articles on making my website more unique, and while the Taurus in me doesn’t like all the change, this is for the better.

Well that’s about it for me folks. How was your week? Anything of significance to note? Feel free to share!

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