What’s Your TBR Like?

TBR, an acronym that will live in infamy. Cue the eye rolls and self-loathing.


This post is all about your to-be-read pile and how yours works (or doesn’t).

I find this to be an entertaining subject. Everyone always seems to have a different way of dealing with their TBR, so I got a little curious. Here are a few questions to consider:

  • What is your TBR pile currently like? Do you have a physical one as well as a digital one?
  • What books are next to be read on your TBR pile?
  • If your TBR is out of control, do you plan on catching up, or do you like the chaos?
  • What do you do with your books after reading them?

Personally, my TBR has grown to be a source of self-loathing in recent months.


My general setup is this. I have a three-foot floating shelf in my room that I place all my unread books on. In theory, this works out fine, but I keep buying books and don’t read them, so I now have about 10-15 books on this shelf (forgive the blurry pic of my actual bookshelf).


So until further notice, I’ve put myself on a book-buying ban (we’ll see how that turns out *snicker*) in hopes of catching up. This was before I started my move and found 10 additional books that I haven’t completed yet in storage. *sigh*

While I plan on catching up, I honestly have no idea how well that’ll go. Stay tuned on that one haha.

As far as my next TBR picks, it’ll probably be one of the scarier ones from my unread bookshelf, as I’ve been tending to read horror and suspense lately.

So once I complete my book, as long as I rate it a four-star or higher, it will be lovingly placed on my twin bookshelves for display. Anything lower I’ll donate to Goodwill.
So that’s my system in a nutshell. How about you guys? Is my system crazy, or is it just me? I’d love to hear your opinion. Feel free to share below, and have a great day everyone!


  1. I have a neverending tbr and shelf full of yet-to-be read books too! I usually have a monthly tbr which consists of arcs, ebooks, possibly an audiobook & a physical book from my own shelf or library. I’m not always successful at finishing my planned reads though 🤷‍♀️

    • Well at least I’m not alone, haha! Oh, that’s a good idea, the monthly TBR. I’ve just been thinking about my TBR as a whole and wanting to hide in a dark corner somewhere lol. I’ve also never tried audiobooks, but it may be a nice difference from reading all of my books. I did two of my planned reads the past week, but threw out the third one I was “supposed” to read. Just wasn’t in the mood.

      • I totally DNF books if I’m not feeling it. No point in torturing yourself! 😜 I’m still new to audio and usually select the fluffier reads for it. I don’t quite have the attention span for audio, so it has to be a lighter read. Having a book jar helps too! Kinda forces you to read at least one of your unread books.

  2. So true. The book in question was on my TBR for way too long, like years. I think there’s a reason why it was.

    I agree with you on attention span for audiobooks. My day job requires a lot of critical thinking, so I usually can’t pickup audiobooks or podcasts unless I’m doing repetitive work.

    Yeah, I may go by the library today and get something different. Switch things up a bit.

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