Milestones: Sharing the Positivity

Hey Everyone,
I don’t like to toot my own horn too much, but today I wanted to share a small milestone with you. My WIP sequel to my debut novella Reaper just reached 10,000 words! Yay!
I can’t really give away anything at this point, but its definitely going to be longer than my first book, as 10,000 words in my first novel was the halfway point and I’m nowhere near the halfway point for the sequel yet.
At the same time, this milestone got me thinking. As writers, authors, and readers, we find ways to achieve our goals through blood, sweat, and tears despite the odds.
So today, take a moment to share your milestones! No milestone is too small.
You read a book on your TBR? Awesome! You rolled out of bed today? Go you! Anything counts.
For an added bonus, feel free to share your journey to your milestone. Personally, I schedule time every day to write, so that’s how I managed to achieve my milestone in just over a month.
Have a great day everyone, and good job on your successes!


    • Thanks! Every day is a struggle, but I find 30-minute windows throughout the day where I can isolate myself and force myself to either read or work on writing, but I totally understand the scramble to find time. Weekends are bad for me in particular because I mainly just want to relax.

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