Bookish Blind Date: Dreadnought by April Daniels

Hey Everyone,

I’m back from my brief hiatus, and have a new segment to introduce! As you know, I love reading. I tend to research my books ahead of time on Goodreads before actually checking them out, but sometimes you just need to do something new and spontaneous.

My Bookish Blind Date segment is super simple. I go in to the library and look on the shelves. I look at the cover and read the synopsis on the back. I’m not allowed to do any research on the book other than verifying it is indeed the first book in a series if applicable.

I figured that doing this would help me branch out from my usual style of reading, and boy am I happy I did this! If you have any suggestions or opinions on this segment, feel free to comment. All right, on to the review!

My first Bookish Blind Date is a book review of Dreadnought by April Daniels.



Five crime-fighting stars for this book!

This is my first reading of anything by April Daniels, and I am just floored by how amazing my experience was. This book was EVERYTHING, I really mean that. It gave me all the feels and then some.


Danny Tozer has always lived with a secret. Though he’s physically a man, he has always associated himself as a woman. He’s lived his life trying to hide his secret, wishing that one day he could just be the person he sees so clearly in his mind.

That all changes one afternoon when the famed superhero Dreadnought comes crashing down from the sky just yards away from him. Dreadnought is in his death throws, and as he dies, he bestows his power upon Danny.

Immediately everything is different for Danny. A transformation occurs when he accepts Dreadnought’s powers. He’s got a woman’s body, the body he’s always dreamed of, and powers. Great powers that can save, that can destroy.


What will Danny choose? To become a superhero to honor Dreadnought’s parting gift? Will Danny be able to accept the body she’s always dreamed of having?

First off, I want to say how happy I am that a great LGBT book like this has come around. As a member of the LGBT community, we don’t get to see great works like this very often, and its important to recognize books like this when we get the chance.

That being said, let’s start with the characters. Oh my gosh, the characters! Danny is deep, and I love everything about her. She’s resilient, strong, and understandably confused by this sudden change in her life. While I am not trans and can’t fully understand the feelings that Danny has, the author really bridges that gap by fleshing out the main character flawlessly.

I also really loved the supporting characters as well. Doc Impossible, Calamity, they were very well-rounded and had their own agendas. They weren’t just conveniently around, and I loved their distinct personalities.

And the plot? Oh man, don’t get me started! This book was a wild roller coaster ride all the way through, down to the very last pages. Twists, thrills, and stunning revelations happen at a moment’s notice, and just when I thought I knew what was going to happen, the book went in a different direction. That really kept the pages turning for me.

As I write this review, I feel lucky to have read such an amazing book, and I plan on starting the second one asap. If you love superheroes and all the chaotic thrills, twists, and spins along the way, this book is for you!

If you’d like to check out my review of this book and others on Goodreads, check it out here. Happy reading everyone!

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