Series Recommendation: The Society (Netflix)

Hi Everyone,

I just finished this series last night, and boy am I excited to share my thoughts with you on it! For the past week or so, I’ve been watching The Society on Netflix.

This TV show is about a group of kids living in a small privileged town called West Ham that are set to go on a school trip. They leave, but when they awake to the buses dropping them back off at home due to a “land slide”. Insert obvious eye roll.


I mean, really, who falls for a line like that? Anyways.

All the parents are gone, and at first the kids have a party and live it up.


But in the morning, the harsh reality sets in. What will they do? Where did their parents go? How will they survive?

I will pick up a Netflix series pretty easily these days. Obviously, not all of them are great, but this one actually turned out to be worth watching and I enjoyed it. I did have something of a rocky start at first, but ultimately I do like this series.

So first off, no matter where I go I see this series being compared to Lord of the Flies. To be quite honest, I don’t like comparing things to one another, so that already turned me off a bit. Personally, I did not enjoy reading Lord of the Flies, though I do understand some of the similar elements that tie in here.

You’ve got kids trying to run things with no adults around. Keep in mind, this is a privileged town, so the kids don’t really have experience doing much of anything other than going to school. I think that at the beginning it didn’t register with me just how privileged these kids were, and it made me think that the creators of this show were guilty of generationism against millennials.

Anyway, things fall apart pretty rapidly as the questions mount. All around the borders of town, old roads are now simply forest. Electricity is stable in town, but that’s it. There are no airplanes, and no one driving by from out of town. They think they may be stuck in some alternate parallel universe, but how are kids supposed to figure out an escape?

As time goes by, the kids scramble to find their way to their true home while maintaining order. Will the residents of West Ham find their way home, or will they die trying?

I think the thing I enjoyed most about this show was the progression of the characters. You have some kids that seem to simply be pretty and that’s it like Allie.


But as time goes by, her character as well as others really step up and own trying to make the best out of a rotten situation. Of course, you’ve got your devious typical bad guy characters, but I think this show was ultimately about survival and these kids learning how to function without their privileges.

With the finale (no spoilers I swear!), I’m not sure where exactly this show is going, but I’ll definitely pick it back up to see where things go. Definitely worth a watch!

If you’re interested in checking out this TV show, you can find it on Netflix here.

Did you watch it already? What are your thoughts? Feel free to share in the comments!

Happy Watching Everyone!


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