Book Recommendation: Animorphs #7 – The Stranger

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Man, I’m really on a roll with things this week! Today I finished another book, Animorphs #7: The Stranger.



I gave this book four and a half Grizzly-morphing stars!

In this installment of Animorphs, we get our second book in Rachel’s POV. Rachel and the other Animorphs find a new entrance to the Yeerk pool, this time via the mall. They sneak in as cockroaches, however, right in the middle of their mission, time suddenly stops and they are approached by a strange being called an Ellimist.

He says that they have a choice to make, continue fighting the Yeerks on Earth or go to a far away planet and live safely with their families. What will the Animorphs choose? Should they keep fighting the Yeerks, or is this just a losing battle?

Personally, I really enjoy Rachel’s POV, maybe the most out of them all. She’s strong-willed and resilient, traits I see most prominently in myself.


This time around, I felt that I really got to see more depth out of Rachel. She wasn’t gung-ho the entire time. I mean, everyone has a limit. There is a big change going on within her family, and I think seeing her react and respond to it with her best foot forward just really proved how great her character is.

I will say that I think the sudden introduction of the Ellimist as well as the knowledge that Ax had and was holding back could have been done more smoothly, but I absolutely loved the dark edge of this book in the later half. I guess I didn’t realize just how dark some of these ideas were back when I first read the series in the 90’s.

Needless to say, this series just keeps getting better, and I can’t wait to read the next one!

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