Series Recommendation: Pose (FX)

Hi Everyone,

Today’s recommendation centers on the FX original (I watched it on Netflix), Pose.


By some stroke of luck I happened to be watching this show just in time for Pride weekend in Kansas City, and after finishing the first season last night, I am SO excited to tell you about it! All the feels doesn’t even begin to explain this roller coaster ride of awesomeness!

Pose is an LGBT-centered drama set in 1987 (my birth year!). It centers on several competing “houses” and the struggles that each individual person is experiencing back in a time when being gay, trans, or anything in between was not okay to the mainstream.

So in general, a house is made up of at least several performers. They all gather at a banging club downtown and walk that runway for fame, glamour, and everything that comes with it.


Having been to countless drag shows in my life, I really enjoyed this element. The competitions focused not just on drag. Fabulous men walked down that runway not in drag. It was simply about them showcasing how fabulous and empowered they were, and I really love that.

I don’t really want to spoil anything for those interested, so I’ll stick to the basics. When I started this series, I was with my Cali friend Luvly, and we weren’t quite sure what was going on at first, but after the first ten or twenty minutes, I was really enjoying what was going on. I told Luvly that the show wasn’t binge-worthy after that first episode, but once I started the second episode, I had to watch this show as much as possible!

The acting was superb, and though there are a couple moments where I feel things are a tad overacted or executed a little off (mainly the monologues with attitude), I really have no complaints about this show at all!

This show was extremely entertaining, but the real thing that got me was that it had heart in spades. And the characters? Don’t get me started!

You’ve got Blanca, leader of the newly formed Evangelista house.


She wants her house to be a nurturing environment after living under the cruel leadership of house Abundance. Through heartache, love, and loss, Blanca learns what it means to be a mother to her house and the sacrifices that come with it.

Blanca is obviously my favorite character because of how inspirational she is. She’s got heart, she wants to do the right thing, and she is pretty darn selfless is you ask me.

Then you’ve got the leader of house of Abundance, Elektra.


Elektra rules her house with an iron fist, and her reputation precedes her. When Blanca leaves her house, she vows to crush Blanca’s house until there’s nothing left.

Throughout the season, their constant competition to one another is a central theme.

Does Blanca have the uniqueness, nerve, and talent to take Elektra head-on, or will her house crumble in the process?

I definitely recommend this one if you love drama, excitement, and some serious runway battles. For more info, feel free to check this show out on Netflix or FX.

Happy watching everyone!

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