In Between Books: What Do You Do?

You close your latest read with a deep breath of contentment. Isn’t this feeling great, when you’re in between books and can pretend that there’s not an avalanche of books and projects waiting around the corner plotting out your demise?


Just the other day I finished a book myself, and I got to thinking. What does everyone do when they’re in between books? Do you take a breather?  Do you charge into that unrelenting TBR wielding the mightiest of bookmarks? Do you reward yourself by running through the aisles of your local bookstore and throwing books into your cart with a squeal of  delirious glee?


For me personally, I have found myself busier than ever. With my dayjob, writing, reading, website, and a rapidly nosediving social life, I simply don’t have the time I used to.

So I decided going forward that I was going to switch things up. For every book I read, I will be taking a one day break after. Mainly this is for sanity’s sake, but I also need to focus more on my writing, and working towards creating a reader following of my own.

I took a brief break yesterday, and it was really refreshing. Not only was I able to focus on my writing more efficiently than usual, but I finished a Chapter in my Reaper Sequel (not revealing the title yet). I also had a chance to reach out to book bloggers about reading a free copy of my debut novella (if you’re interested, definitely hit me up!).

Sure, I may not get through as many books as I usually do in a month, but I feel like I’ll be more stable mentally than I was before. We all have lives to live, and I think that taking little breaks like this is invaluable.

So what’s your opinion? What do you do in between books? Feel free to share in the comments, and have a great day everyone!


  1. I game (I play Black Desert Online), watch TV( binging on Legion right now), and spend time with my SO and kids. And I agree, I need the break sometimes.

    • Ooo I love video games! I rarely get to play them, but puzzles, fighting, and RPG’s are my fave!

      I usually default to tv and movies when I’m not being productive.

      Thanks for sharing! We all need a little break here and there. 🙂

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