Series Review: Black Mirror, Season 5 (Netflix)

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It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the release of Black Mirror Season 5! (No spoilers I promise!)


As a quick refresher for those not familiar with this show, Black Mirror is a Netflix original that centers on strange tales from dystopian worlds, usually involving technology. Unlike most shows, each episode is separate from the other. There is no central plot to an entire season, just individual stories.

Fans of Black Mirror have been waiting with baited breath since the end of 2017 for the next season. I mean, can you really blame us? There have been some really amazing episodes, and to this day I still cry when I watch San Junipero (I’ve watched it at least ten times, don’t judge me!). That’s how good this show can be.

I actually stumbled upon season 5 the other day when I was Netflixing and freaked out.


I had to watch it immediately!

However, when I brought up the episode selection menu, I was perplexed. 3 episodes? 3 EPISODES?!


If you’re like me, you’re wondering what the creators have been doing this entire time. Well, that’s another topic for another time, but if you’re interested in an article relating to that, you can find that here.

All right, on to the review!

Since this entire season is 3 episodes, each episode was examined quite a bit closer than usual, and overall my feeling was…


Okay, okay. I’ll get into this lukewarm rating by breaking each episode down briefly.

Episode #1: Striking Vipers

Description from IMDB: “Two estranged college friends reunite in later life, triggering a series of events that could alter their lives forever.”

Kinda vague, right? Well it basically centers on a video game these two guys used to play when they were younger. When one of them has a birthday years later, he is surprised when his old friend shows up and gifts him a new VR version of this game. From there, things happen, but that would just give things away so I’m gonna stop right there.

Overall, I did like this episode. It didn’t quite feel as dystopian as other episodes in the past, but it had a concept that was executed decently. So far, pretty okay.

Episode #2: Smithereens

Description from IMDB: “A cab driver with an agenda becomes the centre of attention on a day that rapidly spirals out of control.”

I’m not going to explain the plot on this any further, because the description sums it up. To be quite honest, I REALLY didn’t care for this episode. Not only was the content not very entertaining, but there was little to no dystopian element whatsoever.

Sure, they tried to throw in some tech here and there to keep us happy, but it was not enough. I feel like this episode was a complete waste of my time.


If you’re a fan of Black Mirror, you’ll probably watch this anyways, but you’ve been warned!

Episode #3: Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too

Description from IMDB: “A lonely teenager yearns to connect with her favorite pop star – whose charmed existence isn’t quite as rosy it appears…”

Again, I’m not going to explain the plot further on this one because I think it would ruin the experience, but I have to say, this episode was the star of the season for me. I absolutely loved it! It was relateable, interesting, and had some nice dystopian elements going for it.

Most of all, Miley Cyrus is in it!


I think she did a great job in her role, and I think she could relate to her part based on what happened when she went from being Hannah Montana to Miley Cyrus and embracing her true self.

So that’s a wrap for Black Mirror Season 5. Overall, we have an episode that was alright, one that sucked, and one that was great. If Black Mirror wants to be successful in the future, I think they really need to focus on the quality of their content.

Have you watched Black Mirror’s latest season? What did you think? Please share in the comments, I’d love to start a dialogue!

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