Book Review: Megamorphs #1, The Andalite’s Gift

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All right, so I finished another book today, and I’m super excited to share my thoughts with you! This time around, it’s Megamorphs #1, The Andalite’s Gift.



I gave this book four monster-whooping stars!

This is the first Megamorphs book in the Animorphs series, and takes place between books 7 and 8. Instead of one POV, each chapter is a different POV of one of our awesome protagonists. This book was also longer than usual, and I really enjoyed that as well. Heck, I’d read 1000-page books in this series if it was a possibility.

Alright, so this time around, our beloved Animorphs are taking a break. Tired from the constant Yeerk-battling madness, Rachel has a gymnastics retreat of sorts to attend, and Jake and Cassie have been invited to a pool party.

But soon, things take a sudden change when a beast of a tornado attacks at the pool party. No seriously, it’s a beast of a tornado, literally! Narrowly escaping with their lives amidst the ruins of the house they were partying at, the Animorphs must band together to figure out how to combat this evil.

What is this creature? Why is it following them? And most of all, how can they stop its path of destruction when innocent lives hang in the balance?

I have to say, this was a great book! The chills, the thrills, this book had it all! I loved that tornado creature. Super clever!

I really enjoyed each POV written. My favorites were probably Cassie and Marco, as they seemed to shine through more than the others did. I do kind of feel that Tobias and Ax took something of a back seat for portions of it. Also, I’m not an expert, but I wasn’t completely convinced of a certain event revolving around amnesia (trying my best not to spoil anything folks!). Lastly, while I can accept that the Andalites are super scientifically smart, the info dumps when it comes to tech can sometimes bug me a tad, and that happened this time.

I knocked off a star for these small issues, but ultimately this book was just another testament to how great this series is, and just how resourceful a bunch of teens can be when fighting evil slugs from outer space! Definitely worth a read!

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