Book Break: Writing Progress

Hey Everyone,

Sorry I’m late! I took my book break on Sunday and was totally swamped yesterday, but wanted to give a little progress update before the week completely gets away from me.

So on my brief break on Sunday through Monday morning I was able to write 850 words on my sequel to Reaper! That’s roughly 3.5 pages of my book written. While it’s not the 1000 words/day from my last break, I’m not trying to outdo myself here, and I’m pretty proud of myself.

I finished the general plotting of Chapter 8, the last chapter of my first act, and obviously started writing it too. However, I am noticing (and noting) certain things that need further polish.

Primarily, I want to make sure I have some of the secondary characters’ arcs, motives, and attitudes down pat. It shouldn’t take long, but I need to write down an even more detailed explanation for why they are the way they are and the reason for why they do things in their own special way.

For now I’ll continue writing through Chapter 8 until the very end, but I will definitely be taking a good week or so to go back over the contents of the first act and make sure everything is solid and makes sense.

Then I can plot out the second act!

I’m still a bit nervous about moving forward, but I know I have to do it within the next few weeks or I’ll just obsess over the first act too much.

Alright, so that’s it for my book break progress with writing. How about you other writers out there? Any progress on your special projects? Tell me all about it!

Happy writing everyone!



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