Book Break: Writing Progress

Hey Everybody,

Alright, so on my book break from yesterday into today, I hit the ground running.

Yesterday I started a new Google Doc for my second act of my sequel to Reaper and started putting information in there. I say start because there are a million more things to put in there, so for now it’s kind of a mess and I’m a little in over my head, but it has been started. Gotta start somewhere, right?

Today I put the new doc aside and began editing the rough draft of the first act. I only got through the first scene (half of Chapter one), but was very pleased at how few changes I made. Mainly I just tidied things up, and I actually love how much action is in the first chapter. It really gets the blood flowing.

So that’s about it for me, but I do have a brief announcement to make. I’ll be doing Camp Nano for July! More to come about that later in another post.

Well, that’s it for my book break progress with writing. How about you other writers out there? Any progress on your special projects? Tell me all about it!

Happy writing everyone!



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