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As promised, this post is followed by my interview with Tommy B. Smith and features one of his novels, Poisonous.

This is one of those books that just kind of sticks with you after you read it, and I can’t wait to read more of his work.

Before I gush any more details, let’s get into the review!



Following the Quake of ’79, a terrible force came to the city of St. Charles. This was the Living Poison.

In Lilac Chambers, it may have found the perfect host. As she finds herself changing, becoming increasingly dangerous to everyone around her, it becomes apparent that her state of being is no accident of nature. She is becoming a prime vehicle for the Living Poison’s destructive swath through the streets of St. Charles.

Detective Brandt McCullough has seen the Living Poison’s brutality. John Sutterfield, ringmaster of Sutterfield’s Circus of the Fantastic, is discovering its malignancy festering within the very circus he founded. These two are the only ones who might stand in the way of a force greater than anything they have ever known, one which threatens to wash the streets in red and swallow the city into chaos, but the stakes may be higher than either of them can imagine.

St. Charles—indeed, the world—may tremble.  

The Review:

Five gritty, blood-stained stars for this book!

I had the pleasure of meeting the author at a local convention, so of course I had to buy a book and see what this story was all about. Man was I blown away!

Explaining the gist of this story is a little tough without spoilers, but I’ll try. Poisonous is a story of set in the St. Charles area spanning several decades. Throughout the years, a vast number of murders have occurred in this area.

Local legend says that one person is to blame for all of them, but when the murders start happening again, its up to local law enforcement and those that have been haunted by loss to figure things out once and for all.

Can these individuals stop this evil from taking more life, or will they too succumb to The Living Poison?

This was my first read of anything by Tommy B. Smith, and it won’t be the last. It’s hard to know what to expect with a new author, but in the first few pages I was hooked!

From the get go, there’s a dark edge to this book that really drew me in. I mean, that first scene! Talk about a nightmare!

The characters are well-written, believable, persistent, and understandably vengeful based on what they’ve lost. The story is told in several different point of views (3rd person), and all of them shine in their own unique way.

Lastly, I loved how action packed this book was. The Living Poison is not something to be trifled with, and we find that out in dark, gruesome, and murderous ways.

Ultimately, Poisonous was a knockout story, and if you’re a lover of horror and dark fiction, you’ll absolutely love this tale of loss, the unknown, and most of all, vengeance.

Check this one out, you won’t regret it!

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