Book Review: Animorphs #10, The Android

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When Marco runs into his old friend Erek he doesn’t think too much of it. He’s got a couple of more important things to do. Like helping to save the world. But then Marco finds out Erek’s been hanging with some of the kids at The Sharing. And he starts to think that something just a little weird is going on.

The Review:

I gave this book four and a half gravity-defying stars!

In this installment of the Animorphs, we follow Marco’s POV as the adventure continues.

Jake and Marco want to go to this awesome concert, but Jake’s not so keen on the idea, being mister serious leader all the time. Marco manages to convince Jake that if they sneak into the concert as dogs, they won’t have to buy a ticket, but all of that changes when they encounter Marco’s friend Erek.

He’s passing out flyers for the Sharing, and that’s not all. He has no scent to him at all.

What does this mean? What trick do the Yeerks have up their sleeves this time? Is Erek some kind of abomination that the Yeerks created, or is there more to this than meets the eye?

I had a blast reading this book. I always like Marco’s sense of sarcasm and trying to keep the situation light despite how screwed they always seem to feel as Animorph underdogs.

The plot started innocent enough as it usually does, but it turned out to be so much more, and I really loved the extra reveals along the way I won’t spoil it, but the stakes are beginning to get a bit higher in the grand scheme of things, and I’m all about it. It definitely made the pages fly by, and I was sad that it had to end so quickly.

I mean, these books are ADDICTIVE!

If I had to pick at anything, I’d say that a certain part of their mission fell a tad flat for a small bit, but overall this one was a knockout.

Mystery, more secrets revealed, and tons of action make this a great continuation of the Animorphs series. Can’t wait to read the next one!

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