WWW Wednesday

Good Morning Bibliophiles,

At this point, it’s probably no surprise to you, but it’s time for another round of WWW Wednesday!

In case you haven’t heard of this meme before, it’s a challenge where you share what you’re reading, what you’ve recently finished, and what you hope to read in the near future.


This meme is currently handled by Taking On A World of Words, and anybody can participate.

Simply read the 3 W questions below and answer them:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently Reading:



Meet Roger. Skilled with words, languages come easily to him. He instinctively understands how the world works through the power of story.

Meet Dodger, his twin. Numbers are her world, her obsession, her everything. All she understands, she does so through the power of math.

Roger and Dodger aren’t exactly human, though they don’t realise it. They aren’t exactly gods, either. Not entirely. Not yet.

Meet Reed, skilled in the alchemical arts like his progenitor before him. Reed created Dodger and her brother. He’s not their father. Not quite. But he has a plan: to raise the twins to the highest power, to ascend with them and claim their authority as his own.

Godhood is attainable. Pray it isn’t attained.

Opinion so far:

Technically I’m on a Bookish Break right now, so I haven’t started this just yet. That being said, I’ve been a prospective fan of Seanan McGuire for quite some time.

I’ve never read anything of hers, but I’m been aching to read her Every Heart a Doorway series for over a year. I’m super psyched to read my first book by her!

Recently Finished:



When Marco runs into his old friend Erek he doesn’t think too much of it. He’s got a couple of more important things to do. Like helping to save the world. But then Marco finds out Erek’s been hanging with some of the kids at The Sharing. And he starts to think that something just a little weird is going on.

My Opinion:

This was another great addition to the Animorphs series. Though in Marco’s POV, this touched up on a darker subject, how war and battle can effect people.

Despite the darker subject matter behind it all, this was a ton of fun to read. 4.5 stars!

If you’d like to check out my review, click here.

Next on my TBR:

My Thoughts Up Front

I’m actually doing really well on my TBR for August so far. In fact, I’m ahead! Can you believe it? Insanity!

I was gifted The Darkness That Swallows Time, and since its a pretty short read, I think I’ll be able to finish it before starting The Devil’s Apprentice, which I’m a part of the blog tour.

Then its on to Teri Polen’s The Gemini Connection, which I’m super stoked to read as well.

So far this month has been going great, I just hope that I can keep my momentum going.

That’s a Wrap!

All right, so that’s my WWW Wednesday for this week.

What’s your reading pile look like? Have you read any of the books on my list? Do you have any opinions or feedback on the books I chose? Feel free to share in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe or follow my bookish journeys!

Happy Reading Everyone!

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