Mini Book Review: The Darkness That Swallows Time

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To celebrate, this post will be all about Tommy B. Smith’s short story “The Darkness That Swallows Time.”

Now usually I do longer reads, but this one happened to quite literally fall into my lap, so I couldn’t resist a quick read in between books.

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Dr. Lawrence Cornwell is trapped in a blue velvet chair. The past and future spiral around him as he struggles against his deep sickness for a solution. 

This is his final battle, and he has everything to lose. 

A dose of free fiction from the pen of Tommy B. Smith, “The Darkness That Swallows Time” is the story of Dr. Cornwell, archaeologist and associate of independent researcher Damon Sharpe from the novel The Mourner’s Cradle: A Widows Journey.

The Review:

I gave this short read three and a half stars.

This is the second work I’ve read by Tommy B. Smith, and I received this for free in exchange for an honest review.

Due to how short this work is, I can’t say much about the actual plot without spoilers, so I’ll keep this brief.

Lawrence Cornwell is dying, and he doesn’t have long to live. His daughter is caring for him in his last days, and he recalls memories from his past as he comes to terms with the pain and joy of life.

I wasn’t sure what to expect based on the synopsis of this work, but it didn’t sound too similar to Poisonous (the other work of his that I loved) so I tried to keep an open mind.

The writing style of this work is spot on. It was easy to follow and blaze through the pages. I probably spent about an hour to read through this work (I like to take my time).

It was also intriguing to see things from Cornwell’s POV, being that I’m 32 years old as I write this review.

Pros being said, this work wasn’t perfect.

The main con for me was that I thought there wasn’t enough plot going on. Cornell has lived a long life, but not too much actually happens in this snippet of his life.

I totally understand that these are his last dying memories and this is the direction the author decided to take, but it left me wanting more adventure, that extra oomph that makes a book amazing. This is just my personal preference.

I’m definitely not done reading Tommy B. Smith’s work. He’s extremely talented and great at what he does. I just think that I’ll stick closer to his horror works in the future.

But who knows, this work could be for you! It’s definitely worth checking out.

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