Book Review: Animorphs #11, The Forgotten

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Today I’m pumped to give my book review of Animorphs #11, The Forgotten.

Last month, my TBR got a little crazy, so before I jumped into some Halloween reads I decided to focus on something I truly wanted to read for myself that I’d been missing.

I don’t know what it is about this series, but I absolutely love the short journeys I get to go on when I read these books.

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There’s been an accident. Someone crash-landed a Yeerk Bug fighter. And the Yeerks have been trying to cover it up – quickly. But not before Tobias spots it. So the Animorphs and Ax decide to steal the ship to show the world that Earth has been invaded.

The Review:

Five animal-morphing stars for this book!

It’s been about a month since I’ve read an Animorphs book, and man have I missed it!

In this installment, we’re in Jake’s POV.

Things start off normal as usual (as normal as things can be for animal morphers fighting evil aliens) when the team is contacted by Tobias about a frightening new development.

There’s been a strange crash of sorts at a local grocery store, and guess who’s overseeing the repairs? Yep, it’s Chapman, infamous Yeerk jerk.

The Animorphs spring into action on a recon mission, ultimately finding themselves in a shocking predicament they never could have foreseen. Can the Animorphs make it out of this one, or will they succumb to this shocking turn of events?

I absolutely loved this book! Yes, maybe I’m a little biased because I missed reading the series, but this novel had some serious nuggets of brilliance.

For starters, Jake. I mean, come on. He’s the leader of the Animorphs. I really felt and identified with his struggle of being elected the leader, especially when there are no answers in sight. His POV was flawless, and everyone else’s character really shined along with him.

The plot was amazing! I didn’t see those plot twists coming at all, and I ended up reading this book in less than a day because of how mesmerized I was. I won’t spoil anything, but like some of the other novels so far, this one had a very unique sci-fi edge that I just loved. It’s shocking to me that the author could pull all of this off in just 160 pages.

All in all, this book was perfect to me. Adventure, sci-fi, morphing action. What more could you ask for? This book was everything and a bag of chips, and a great continuation of the series. Well worth a binge read.

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