Series Review: X-Men – The Animated Series, Season One (Disney +)

Hello fellow mutants and genetic marvels,

This is my first review of something from Disney plus!

Disney plus is a streaming service that came out not very long ago, and I was fortunate that my roomie is a phone subscriber of Verizon and willing to share the love.

As far as I know, the way it works is that you get your first year free, so naturally I got on right away and took a look.

Man oh man does this streaming service have a lot of great nostalgia available! They even had Gargoyles, which I will definitely be reviewing in the near future. Yes, they have Disney movies, but I’m all about the nostalgia factor above all else right now.

The first thing that caught my eye was X-Men: The Animated series, and that’s what I’ll be reviewing today.


Back in the 90’s, I used to watch this show religiously on TV. Ever since, I’ve been big on anything X-Men (or anything Marvel basically); comics, movies, series, you name it!

Without further delay, let’s get into this blast from the past!

Series Blurb:

A team of mutant superheroes fight for justice and human acceptance in the Marvel Comics universe.          

My Review:


From the second I started watching the first episode, I knew I was going to fall in love with this show all over again.

It all starts with a young mutant Jubilee. Her parents don’t know what to do with her and her extra-abledness. Like many young troubled teens, she goes off on her own to the mall to vent.

Little does she know how much danger she’s in … Suddenly, Sentinels fly down from the sky and attempt to capture her. It’s lucky for her that Storm, Rogue, and Cyclops happened to be nearby.

From there, Jubilee is taken in as an honorary X-Men, learning who they are and what they stand for in this scary world where mutants are looked at as freaks and abominations.

I simply love this show!

We are introduced to a unique, fascinating world where people worldwide have began to evolve, developing supernatural abilities. Normal humans have created Sentinels, large robots, to hunt down and find mutants, and the mutants are forced to fight for their lives while protesting for their God-given rights to live in peace.

The characters are great and pretty well fleshed out for a kids show. Storm, Gambit, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Jubilee, etc etc, they all have their quirks and unique personalities, but they overcome their difficulties with one another to fight for the common good.

The X-Men are the underdogs against a tide of hate and intolerance, and it was really refreshing to root for the little guy going up against big brother.

This season had a lot of great episodes. My personal favorite was Genosha, but there a lot of other great episodes where we met the Morlocks and the X-Men faced off against Apocalypse (yep, Days of Future Past, people!).

All in all, I couldn’t be happier to have decided to watch this show again, and I strongly recommend any X-Men fan to get on Disney + and watch your heart out.

It’s no surprise that I give this series’ first season a nostalgic 9/10.


Well that’s it for this series review. What about you? Have you seen this show before or rewatched it lately? Do you love Disney +? Feel free to comment and gush all about it!

Happy Watching!

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