Book Review: Animorphs #16, The Warning

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Today’s book review is, surprise surprise, another Animorphs book! This time around it’s #16, The Warning.



Jake has made an amazing discovery: a Web site about the Yeerks. Should the Animorphs investigate? If they do, they might walk right into a trap. And if they don’t, they’ll never know if they’re fighting their enemies alone…

The Review:



I gave this book five web-surfing stars!

This installment of the Animorphs series was amazing!

The blurb pretty much sums it up, but this time around Jake makes a stunning discovery. There’s a website about the Yeerks. Baffled, he calls the other Animorphs and they try to determine what to do.

Based on the chat room on the site, some of these users are obviously Controllers, but some appear to be human too. What should they do? Approach the ones they think are humans? Try to lure the Controllers? Or should they go straight to the top, to the WAA (Web Access America) and find who these users are? Is this just another trap, or could they seriously make some allies here?

The premise of this book instantly had me hooked. There’s a lot at stake here, and it appears that some humans actually know about the Yeerks, not that they can do much about it at the moment.

This time we are in Jake’s POV, and I always love reading his perspective. It’s tough being a leader, especially when you have to make tough decisions. More like impossible decisions this time around.

This book delved into the darker side of the concept of this series, and Jake has to make an impossible decision, neither of which is good. Sometimes you just have to pick the lesser evil.

No one’s perfect, and I really felt for Jake this time around. He can only do so much, but the others always look up to him and he feels the weight of the world on his shoulders.

The usage of all the Animorphs was well-balanced, and the plot was amazing. This one had me guessing until the very end, which usually doesn’t happen. It was a pleasant surprise, and it really had me turning those pages!

Action, adventure, mystery, and a little bit about the darker aspects of their situation made this book an instant favorite of mine. Definitely worth a binge read!

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