Film Short Review: Wind (Disney +)


Film Short Blurb:

Set in a world of magical realism, WIND sees a grandmother and her grandson trapped deep down an endless chasm, scavenging debris that surrounds them to realize their dream of escaping to a better life.           

My Review:



Simple but unique characters with heart.



Again, a simple yet captivating story of perseverance.



Flawlessly executed. My eyes were glued the entire time.

Overall Impression

A great part of Disney + is all of the great film shorts they have available. This is the first one I watched, and I absolutely loved it.

The blurb says it all. This is a great short story about a grandmother and grandson trying to get out of an endless chasm they’ve been stuck in. With heart and perseverance they struggle to find a way out.

The concept, characters, and plot were simple, but it was masterfully executed. Definitely worth a quick watch!

Final Score



That’s it for this film short review. How about you? Have you seen this one?

Did you enjoy it? Love it, hate it? Feel free to comment, and have a great day!

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