Weekly Progress Update!

Good Morning Blogiverse,

How has this week been for you? Get a lot of stuff done?

Let me tell you, Monday through Thursday was hell for me. On top of work, there was just a plethora of errands and events I had to attend, so by Friday I was so ready to just relax.

After that, everything got a lot better and back on track. I even went to the casino on Saturday (I lost lol). Luckily, I have Monday off, so I am happy to extend my weekend just a little bit more and get some things done.

Alright, let’s take a look at this week in Jaunts & Haunts!


This week in books went alright, but I’m fighting through reader’s block a bit right now, so the rate at which I finish things may be lengthened a bit.

This week I read Subject A36 and The Celestial Assignment. I also just started Heaven Bound by Montre Bible.

I really enjoyed Subject A36 and being a part of the blog tour. Though it wasn’t a perfect experience for me, I truly thought it was a well-written dystopian and had a blast!

Subject A36 Review

As for The Celestial Assignment, it wasn’t perfect either, but was interesting to get to know a new author’s work and writing style. No review is up yet, but I’m in another blog tour for next Friday, so hold tight!


As far as watching things go, I watched Watchmen (the movie) and Wind (film short) this week.

Much like the HBO adaptation and the graphic novel of comic books, this version of Watchmen is a favorite of mine. I must’ve watched it about twenty times so far, and every time I love it even more.

Watchmen (Film) Review

Wind was amazing! Disney plus has a ton of these little film shorts available, and I am tempted to binge watch them after watching this one. So great!

Wind Review

My Writing

Writing went really well this week, but only through sheer determination. Like I said earlier, numerous errands and personal obligations kind of screwed with my schedule earlier on in the week, but I still managed to write 3,362 words (about 13.5 pages) this week. Yay!

So far this month, I’ve written 7,064 words (about 28 pages), and I am really proud of myself for writing over 3k words each week. I believe that I’m going to strive for that number going forward, but honestly it’s more about the time I invest in my writing that makes the difference.

To date, my Reaper sequel stands at just under 73k words at 292 pages, and the end is getting very clear as I work on the last 3 chapters of my second act. So excited this is happening!

In the meantime, why not check out my debut novella Reaper where it all began?


Don’t take my word for it. Check out my reviews on GoodReads or below. It’s definitely worth a quick scare!

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That’s a Wrap!

All right, so that was it for my week. How did yours go? Did you do well on your writing and reading projects? Anything interesting you’d like to share?

Do you have any great recommendations in TV, movies, or books? Feel free to share in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by everyone, and Happy Sunday!

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    • Yay for a good work week, and even more yays for the extended time to work on your wip! May I ask what you’re working on now?

      Omg that’s awesome! I hope you like it!

      • I’m kind of between projects right now. I don’t want to start anything super big, so I’m going to revisit the first drafts of short stories I wrote last year and polish them up. Also thinking of writing a short story next weekend for fun!

      • Oh okay, that sounds cool! I love short stories and have toyed with the idea of polishing one of mine up for publication once I’m done with my sequel.

    • Thanks friend, I’m so excited!

      Yeah, I agree with you there. I like having my routine intact, so maybe I need to enforce that power of saying no a bit more.

      Thanks, hope you have the day off too!

  1. Great week. So excited about Reaper sequel! Can’t wait to read it. I know what reader block, or reader fatigue, is like. Had a bad case at Christmas, but I’m flying along at the moment.

    • Thanks! I’ve really been pushing myself to write more and I’m slowly getting better at focusing more.

      Yeah, I’m just tired of having all these obligations. Reading should be fun, not a requirement (although I did this to myself). I may have to bow out of my current blog tour responsibility coming up.

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